OSS: Dual Boot Vista installed on Secondary Hard Drive in Alienware Laptop

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by SuBDivisions, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. SuBDivisions

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    Sep 7, 2006
    I have an Alienware m5790 with 2 100 gig SATA drives in it (IN a non raid setup, but on a Via Raid Controller).. I have the Vista drivers for the Raid controller.

    Using the latest OSS (with supposed Vista Compatability) im trying to do the following:

    Disk 1 - 100 Gig Seagate 7200rpm
    -Windows XP SP2, Installed, full 100 gig Partition.

    Disk 2 - 100 Gig Hitachi Travelstar 7200rpm
    -60 gig Partition (set as Primary, Active accoring to OSS) for Vista Ultimate

    -30 gig Partition (Has Acronis Image of XP Install on Drive 1)
    -<10 Gig Partition perhaps for Linux or BeOS.

    Now XP is the OS that was installed originally. I runs perfectly and boots just fine using the OSS Loader.

    I put in the Vista CD, and the options in the properties of the cd OSS found were as follows:

    Drive 2 as first boot option
    ALL partitions Hidden except the 60 gig on Disk 2
    Force partitions Hidden

    Vista install starts perfectly does its thing, sees the 60 gig and uncompresses etc.

    Open reboot the same options as the vista cd are now set in the vista icon (it sees Windows Vista, and it took the cd settings automatically, i didnt have to change them)..

    When i click the Vista icon, I am greeted with a BLACK SCREEN, with the flashing cursor. Thats it.

    XP still boots just fine (using it right now), but I can not get vista's ( i guess) loader to kick in.. Swapping drive order makes no difference.

    It shouldnt be the Raid Controller (tho i wouldnt put anything past it) because if it was Vista would not have installed on it on the initial install as a viable option.

    Just for searchability and to help here are the finer points:

    XP / Vista Dual Boot
    Vista on Secondary Hard Drive

    Now i have read something on posts about OSS not eing able to have 2 active partitions set, but i think that was on a single drive. These are independant.

    ALso note, my Bios does not support switching the boot order of the drives (why im using OSS) because i guess the raid controller (via 6421) doesnt support this (plus alienware loves to lock everything in the bios for some damn reason)...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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