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Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by elvisio, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. elvisio

    elvisio Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    I can start my other computer now.. that freaking os selector says cannot find configuratoin files ask to reinstall. but the XP will not restart to window XP. I cant do anything at all! What damn software is this? isnt it suppose to be demoo_O? it is making my other computer freak out! I can do **** now.

    please help!!!

  2. koala

    koala Guest

    I also had the problem above with OS selector demo. Acronis was in the running for my drive backup/partitioning software but my inability to get OS selsector to work put a stop on that.

    Jeff K
  3. dave803

    dave803 Guest

    I have the same problem. Seems like it's loading from a bios or mbr but I've deleted the partition, reformated, fixboot, fixmbr, reinstalled XP, did it all over again and installed ME, then again with XP. all resulted in the same stupid "Acronis OS selector cannot be configured. Reinstall software, etc"... I reinstalled with the acronis boot disk and the same result. Is there a hidden place on the hard drive that this software installs that's not accessible? I've been a bit of reading and have come up with the INT 13h sector of the hard drive. Is this written over with the reformating? Oh yes, I've also reset my bios by first reversing the jumpers as instructed by the Sony web site. that didn't work. Then unplugging the battery. that worked in reseting the bios only.
    Can anyone help get rid of this screen? The hard drive is trashed otherwise. (80GB)
  4. Johan Samyn

    Johan Samyn Guest

    I had the same experience with the OS Selector Demo. But ... a few weeks ago, I had made a floppy with the Open Source Ranish Partition Manager. I decided I had no choice but to try that one. And it worked great ! After booting from the floppy, and starting the Ranish Partition Manager, I just had to select the "Standard MBR", save the choice I made, and reboot to cure my system.
    Indeed, how are such situations possible with a demo. I can imagine quite some non technical users mess up their system for good that way. I'm only lucky to have at least some knowledge about this matters. Of course, all this has made me look at the Acronis products from quite a different perspective. My confidence in them is shocked. My advice to Acronis is to do something about all this if they want to persuade people to buy their products in real confidence. Demo's that mess up people's systems arfe not the best public relation, imagine.
  5. DaDelphi

    DaDelphi Guest

    In DOS and Windows systems, you can create the MBR with the FDISK /MBR command.

    1. Insert a bootable floppy disk in your diskette drive with the FDISK.EXE file.
    2. Restart the PC.
    3. Run FDISK with parameter/MBR
    5. Restart the PC without the bootable floppy disk.

    That's all.

    Sorry for my english, only I speak spanish.
  6. victim #n

    victim #n Guest

    Re: OS selector -- urgent!!!


    I also encountered this problem tonight. Did anyone tried the method Johan
    mentioned or using FIXMBR comand? Will I be able to get my system/data back intact by using both methods? Thanks a lot for the help! I can't believe that this is happening to me.

    Victim #n

  7. Victim #n

    Victim #n Guest


    Finally, after reading tutorials regarding to the boot up sequences of the hard disk via some websites, I've collected enough info to have confidence to go thru Ranish Partition Manager to recover my hard disk as what Johan Samyn suggested. The result is that IT WORK!!! I'm getting my system back intact after the IPL is changed back to standard as Johan Samyn said.

    Many thanks to Johan Samyn in his previous post to give the solution!

    And I think that this my first time and last time to use Acronis' product. The program even breaks in its demo version which is supposed to be tested at least before it's released to public. It shoudl be especially true when such product has very big impact on customer's value data. I don't know what to say any more. Good luck to everyone who is going to try their product.

    Victim #n
  8. joeaaa

    joeaaa Guest

    i am trying the partition manager program....but does it matter if you have NTFS or how big your partition is?? I have ntfs and the partition is 170 gb. I can't believe this crap. another thing...does the bootdisk have tobe for ntfs or is fat ok??
  9. victim o

    victim o Guest

    Experiencing exactly the same thing. Could someone help o_O

    I'm trying to install the demo (disk director suite) on windows 2000 machine.
    After restarting the machine, I'm expercing "OS selector cannot find the necessary configuration files. Please reinstall Acronis OS Selector."

    I don't have the windows 2000 boot disk... and all the other machines I have has XP on it only...

    Could someone tell me what i should do pleaseo_O

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Victim o

    Victim o Guest

    Thanks Victim n

    Your solution works for us.

    we downloaded the ranish partition manager and copied that to the floppy disk first.

    1. reboot using a bootdisk
    2. insert the ranish partition manager floppy you have just created.
    3. type: a:> part
    4. the GUI should come up.
    5. Change the IPL to Standard
    6. reboot

    Victim o
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