OS Selector can't find anything XP or Vista (WTF?)

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by Z3R0B4NG, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Z3R0B4NG

    Z3R0B4NG Registered Member

    Mar 9, 2007

    2x 250GB SATA @ Raid 0
    C: WinXP
    X: Win Vista
    D: none
    F: none

    1x 400GB SATA
    E: none
    G: none

    Vista didn't find my XP at the installation and gave me no bootmanager, tried to activate it myself but the selfmade WinXP entry doesnt work (PC just resets itself and runs in bootmanager again)
    without the Vista Bootmanager it just starts XP, Vista wont load if i set it into the boot.ini from XP cuz AFAIK its incompatible.

    Well now i tried Acronis OS Selector (v10.0), looked promissing at first, but guess what!
    It doesnt find ANY OS at all (where is the Problem finding a Windows XP installation that is in the default path C:\Windows\ Primary & Active partition o_O )

    OS Detection Wizard... no matter what i select it ALWAYS tells me No new OS found.... :gack:

    so any Sugestions o_O

    and btw. i set the Resolution to 1280*1024 @ 100Hz but the monitor stays at 60Hz :cautious:


    ok my XP didn't have a boot.ini works fine now!
    but vista still doesn't want to work
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Thread Status:
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