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Discussion in 'Other ESET Business Products' started by xpcomputers, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. xpcomputers

    xpcomputers Registered Member

    Aug 4, 2005
    Is it just me, or are the processing and notifying options in Eset "Mail Security for Exchange" frustratingly limiting? It might just be that I am misunderstanding way to make use of the current tools, but there seem to be crucial missing choices to the way I can process & mark what Eset Mail Security for Exchange does with the various score levels.

    I'd like to see more choices for processing spam along these lines:

    1) I'd like to see a "Blatent Spam" category which was more intense than spam in the score selection page.

    This would allow us to reject / delete / quaratine spam at a higher level than now. For example I could choose to set this as spam score of 98 or above (or whatever level suited me), to get rid of the worst offending spam (I'd reject or delete), which is the bulk of the spam received, but still have mails scoring say 90 - 97 marked as spam and still delivered or quarantined. By default you would probably set this level at 99 and above, but just set it to Mark as [Spam] and deliver as normal. Leaving the choice of rejecting / deleting / quaratining and different marking as a user choice. This change would see my quarantined mails store drop over 90% of the most blatent spams that are never going to be real mails, and allow me to just capture and check remaining less than 10% spam email that has more of chance to have been falsely captured.

    2) I'd like to see more choices for Alerts & Notification of the current spam types, like "Spam", "Probable Spam", "Probable Clean" etc.

    This would allow us to have "Probable Spam" marked as say "[Spam?]" or something else and treated differently from [Spam] and therefore make better use of the categories and spam score levels that your software so brilliantly picks out for us. This would also work well for the new "Blatent Spam" category (I suggest adding above) to be processed too, as well as for the other thresholds for "Probable Spam" etc.

    These two options taken together would allow me to do something like this:

    99 - 100 - Blatent Spam: Mark as [!Spam!] - delete / reject
    90 - 98 - Spam: Mark as [Spam] - Quarantine.
    82 - 89 - Probable Spam: Mark as [Spam?] - Deliver as normal
    70 - 82 - Probable Clean: No Marking - Deliver as normal.
    Below 70 - Clean: No Marking - Deliver as normal.

    Someone else might choose to deliver Spam from 98 downwards and Quarantine just Blatent Spam etc. but either way it would make the choices much more flexible than they currently are.

    Is there any way to do some of this already that I am missing or is the "Transport Agent" for processing spam, and the "Notification" for adding the [Spam] label the only way currentlyo_O

  2. dmaasland

    dmaasland Registered Member

    Nov 10, 2010
    You can setup EMSX so it gives every message a SCL (Spam Confidence Level). Exchange understands this, and you can set exchange to do what you want: http://www.expta.com/2008/08/how-to-configure-scl-in-exchange.html.

    Note: depending on your version of exchange, and if you have it configured as hub or edge role, you might or might not have the content filtering tab by default. You can enable it though.
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