Opinions on SecureNym E-mail

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Hendry, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Hendry

    Hendry Registered Member

    Aug 30, 2009
    Does anyone have any opinions about securenym e-mail?

  2. Ironworker

    Ironworker Registered Member

    Dec 19, 2009

    I am a long-time customer of Securenym. I believe that is a reasonably good privacy service. I am a high-volume end-user of Squirrel Mail via Securenym.
    (100+ accounts, spread over 20 or 30 domains) While I rate Securenym’s service as reasonably good, Securenym does not always seem to be able to assist me with eliminating various glitches and/or “features”.

    These are the problems and surprises that I have encountered with Securenym:

    (1.)I had the illusion that I was setting long passwords for all of my accounts, when in fact, Securenym uses only the first 8 characters of whatever I entered when I created a new password after I purchased an account.

    (2.)Squirrel Mail, used by Securenym, is somewhat unique, and is not especially feature-rich.

    (3.)The Securenym filters, guards, and settings on their servers are an unnecessary encumberance, for example:

    (a.)I know that Securenym (if they want to do so…) can adjust their filter settings for all accounts. For example, we have previously had issues where business mail sent to our Securenym accounts would bounce, and we would never receive the mail. We had to research that issue ourselves, and then we asked Securenym to turn off the “Spam Guard” for all of our accounts. That worked for that issue.

    (b.)Securenym also does this wacky thing of “DeFanging” ZIP files. However, as often as not, their “DeFanging” corrupts the ZIP file. Again, we asked Securenym to flush the “De-Fanging” feature/glitch for all of our accounts, and they were able to make that change. Now, we can send and receive ZIP files again.

    (c.)A current and unresolved aggravating Feature/Glitch is the removal or blocking of images, which are embedded in emails. This is simply unnecessary. It is unclear to me if this is a Squirrel Mail feature, or a Securenym issue which simply begs to be de-Squirrel’d.

    (d.)A very recent aggravating Feature/Glitch is the "Warning: Encrypted Attachment": We can no longer read email headers, which we need to read. The entire header, on even a very large monitor, is entirely taken up with the unnecessary warning (repeated twice, and inserted ahead of the sender’s original subject line) regarding "Warning: Encrypted Attachment"; Squirrel Mail claims it is not their problem. Likewise, Securenym claims they are not doing it, and they blame it on my browser and/or my virus software. Horse Hockey. This is not a browser or virus program issue. We see the same “Warning” in the message header on MicroSoft Internet Explorer and on Mozilla FireFox. We’ve tried it on 4 of our office computers, with and without firewalls, using various email and browser settings, with and without virus programs enabled. (This is a very recent glitch/feature, and it began showing up approximately one week ago.) Do you suppose that this has something to do with Securenym’s email servers? Perhaps the Securenym servers have various virus filters, executable file filters, and etc.? Surely this nonsense, which only started one week ago, "Warning: Encrypted
    Attachment", surely this is just another filter error, and it can be overcome, correct?

    I am a Civil Engineer and a business owner. I am not a computer or software technical guy. I would really appreciate it if any of you on this forum can give me some technical buzz words, and tell me what I should say to Securenym.


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