Opera 7.60 Preview 2 available

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    Opera 7.60 Preview 2 available
    Onto the changelog:
    *Simplified first start-up dialog.
    *Menus have undergone a significant simplification.
    *Major changes have also been done to toolbars and button setup.
    "Block unwanted pop-ups" is now enabled by default.
    *Option to simply press Enter in a http-auth dialogue to use the first stored Wand *login has been restored.
    *Possibility to use security password without reentering every time has been restored.
    *Fixed issue with text selection for justified text.
    *"Continue from last time" remembers fit-to-width setting.
    *Several minor focus issues solved.
    *Space + Shift when a forms button is focused should submit in the background.
    *Added Alt + Backspace as shortcut for "undo".

    Download-Opera 7.60 Preview 2
    Veiw-Opera 7.6P2 Changelog for Windows
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