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    Jul 21, 2003
    Fast, portable browser.

    Off By One

    V3.5.a posted on January 31, 2005

    * Added tabbed browsing support.

    * Search for the initialization file ob1.ini first in the default runtime directory, then in the app directory, and finally in the WINDOWS directory. This allows you to place your initialization file on read-only media, e.g. on CD-ROM.

    * Added the BackColor and ForeColor properties to the initialization file ob1.ini. The default BackColor is white.

    * Added the PageCacheSize property to the initialization file ob1.ini (default is to cache 8 pages).

    * Added PageDown on spacebar hit.

    * Better handle double-quotes in the title when formulating the name for Save Favorites.

    * Translate embedded spaces in network file names to numeric entities (%20).

    * Parse SCRIPT expressions of the form (a<b) as none-tags. YAHOO search results should be readable again
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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