NYC Sues T-Mobile Over Rampant 'Abusive' Sales Tactics at Metro Stores

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    NB: Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier brand owned by T-Mobile -- It runs on the T-Mobile network

    "...Among the allegations, the complaint accuses the stores of selling used phones under the pretense that they were new, as well as for charging customers for unwanted services and enrolling them in pay plans without first obtaining their consent...

    Metro allegedly engages in a financing offering with a third-party company that allows customers to pay off their device in monthly installments. But the complaint states consumers can pay in excess of hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the phone’s sale price...

    The complaint cited one example of a woman who purchased a phone for $599 through a Metro dealer but was charged between $1,592 and $2,191 more than the advertised price...

    The complaint alleges that Metro also misleads customers about its return policy. Namely, the complaint states that Metro’s advertised 30-day guarantee is “wholly illusory” because the company’s online website is set up to require customers to buy devices in-store but also has in place a seven-day return policy for in-person purchases..."

    "T-Mobile Metro stores sell used phones as new, charge “fake taxes,” NYC says

    T-Mobile hit with wide-ranging accusations of fraud at Metro by T-Mobile stores...."
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