Nvidia settles class action over missing GTX 970 RAM

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    (Of interest for Gamers who have been following this issue. This was Nvidia's top-of-the-line single GPU card at the time [soon followed by the 980]. It was a semi-turkey that created many complaints about performance issues from day one -- later the truth/explanation was discovered.)

    "Nvidia settles class action with angry PC gamers over missing GTX 970 RAM

    When you buy a video card with 4GB of RAM, you would naturally expect it to actually have 4GB of usable RAM. That was not the case with the Nvidia GTX 970. This card, which was released almost two years ago, used an unusual new memory management system that gave it access to only 3.5GB of the 4GB physically present on the card. Consumers were not amused, and a class action lawsuit was filed. Nvidia has resolved the case today and will be paying all GTX 970 buyers $30 for the trouble..."


    "When the GeForce GTX 970 launched, NVIDIA said it had 4GB of memory and 64 ROPs (Render Output Processors), when in reality it had only 56 ROPs. And only 3.5GB of the card’s memory operated at full speed, while the remaining 512MB offered only a fraction of the bandwidth...

    ...NVIDIA has proposed a $30 payment to purchasers of the GeForce GTX 970 in addition to paying down $1.3M MMM +0.21% in attorneys’ fees. Though, the company has denied an intentional wrongdoing."


    The settlement, which only applies to cards purchased in The USA, will need to be approved by aj udge as being just and reasonable in a court hearing on August 24, 2016. No details yet on the procedure for 970 owners to collect their award.


    If you own a 970 and have not registered it yet with Nvidia do so now. Not sure how OEM cards will be verified and how owners of non-registered cards will be notified. I assume that all registered owners will be notified by the lawyers on how to file their claim.All owners of a 970 are part of the class entitled to the settlemys compensation.

    (Evidently Nvidia took a clue from the name Creative, makers of Sound Blaster, etc., and got creative with their advertising and specs. Shame on Nvidia for misleading advertising.)
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