NTFS, Seagate & TrueCrypt

Discussion in 'Other Paragon Disk Utilities' started by malcolmtent, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Jul 1, 2014
    I have recently bought a Seagate portable drive as a backup for my MAC & PC. Paragon NTFS utility is free with this drive but if the partitions are encrypted with TrueCrypt (yes, I am aware of what has happened recently with TC) then the Paragon software on my Mac does not recognise it and I can't write to the file system.

    This configuration seems to be the only way to be able to read & write to and from both my Mac & PC whilst my data being secure. But I'd rather not have to buy a licence given that it has come with the drive, so is there any way to get it to recognise that it's a Seagate drive?