NSClean 9.00 and IEclean 7.00 released

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Nancy_McAleavey, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Over the ten years we've been doing this., we've never had things work out like this.....TWO new versions released at the same time! NSClean and IEClean now have NEW versions....you'd almost think the "browser wars" have re-ignited. :)

    Owing to the price reductions we implemented in August, we have cut the upgrade price to $14.95US for a downloadable upgrade version. IEClean purchases made on or after August 1, 2006 and/or NSClean purchases made after June 1, 2006 qualify for a FREE upgrade. Email upgrade@nsclean.com to receive your upgrade serial number or FREE upgrade sent with reply email. If you think you qualify for the freebie, be sure to include an address that can accept file attachments, and your choice of format...EXE (if you are certain you can receive one), ZIP or RAR. Encoded EXEs with instructions will be sent if no format is specified.

    On top of all the features you're used to having with your IEClean and NSClean, the new versions have added new features to enhance your online privacy.

    IEClean 7.00 supports Internet Explorer 7 as well as all earlier releases. The new version permits disconnection of Microsoft "Live Search" and replaces this default with the serach engine of your choice.

    IEClean 7.00 removes personal surfing data collected and stored on your machine by the new "Antiphishing feature." Allows removal of both "all sites visited" "USERFILE" from registry as well as DAT hashes generated and reported to Microsoft.

    Numerous anomolies caused by Microsoft updates also fixed.

    NSClean 9.00 supports Firefox 2.0 along with the full compliment of Netscapes and Mozilla browers. This version finds "hidden" cachefiles if not stored with all other Firefox files. Is this a bug in Firefox 2? Even if it isn't, you'll be covered with NSClean 9.00.

    Again, improvements to code to work around issues caused by recent Microsoft update changes.

    Both the IEClean and NSClean have enhanced compatibility with 64 bit systems. Software is still 32 bit.
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