NSClean 7.00 Update 2.29.04

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by hayc59, Feb 29, 2004.

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    Are you getting tired of all the security bugs, exploits and the daily
    onslaught of viruses with your current browser? You CAN surf safely
    again with Firefox and the new version NSClean 7!

    NSClean offers something the browser simply can't owing to the fact that
    they rely on the Windows OS to handle the actual delete task of your
    caches, history, cookies, etc....completely unrecoverable deletions of
    all your Internet tracks, MRU files and much much more. NSClean 7.00 is
    compatible with all Netscapes, Mozilla browsers and it fully supports
    Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird mail/newsreader. We've thoroughly tested
    Firefox, and have found it to be the perfect alternative browser for
    website compatibilty while maintaining a good level of security.
    Thunderbird is the perfect compliment, and it doesn't let nasties come
    through without your knowing!

    NSClean customers qualify for half-price upgrades ($20US) or less, email
    us at upgrade@nsclean.com with your name (or name of the person who gave
    it to you), order number if you have it, and email address you may have
    used when you purchased it. We'll get you an upgrade serial number and
    URL to get NSClean 7.00 at this special price!

    Keep your internet tracks truly private with the original browser

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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