Notepad++ v6.4.1 Released

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    Notepad++ v6.4.1 Released

    The release v6.4.1 contains a crash issue fix from v6.4
    The major updates in v6.4.1 are new added Function List Panel, Find/Replace dialog statusbar and new user interface of Preferences dialog.
    The new feature Function List Panel can be launched via toolbar or menu (View->Function List). It allows user to access the function definition quickly. So far function list supports only C++ and Javascript. However, it's customizable by using regular expression, so you can build your parser for the non-supported languages.

    Whats New
    Notepad++ v6.4.1 Bug Fix
    • Fix a crash issue (regression).
    Notepad++ v6.4 New Features and Bug Fixes
    • Add Function List Panel (customizable, support C++ and Javascript for the moment).
    • Display the error/result in the new added statusbar of Find/Replace dialog instead in popup dialogs.
    • Add delimiter select by ctrl+Double click feature.
    • Add set begin position feature for selection.
    • Fix fold all command bug (which folds partially).
    • Fix opening the same file twice due to its different path (for example symbol link).
    • Fix deleting macro from macro menu crash issue.
    • Fix the bug of Window position not saved/restored properly.
    • Fix small window size problem due to closing Notepad++ in icon state (reduced in the taskbar) on the last session.
    • Enhance Block comment: remove 1024 bytes limit.
    • Fix a detection error of UTF16 file from a binary file.
    • Enhance the performance of switching files if folding is applied.
    • Fix macro problem: Find functionality doesn't work in "Run a Macro Multiple Times".
    • Enhance the performance while double clicking on a very long word.
    • Enhance TAB/Space conversion: UTF8 support and preserving the current state.
    • Change the Preferences dialog's UI (List interface instead of tab interface).

    Download: Notepad++
Thread Status:
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