Notepad++ v6.3.3 Released

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    Notepad++ v6.3.3 Released

    In this release, the folding states of documents in last session are restored as start-up of Notepad++.
    In Document List Panel, multi-selection feature is added to close selected files or close non-selected files (right click on selected files).
    User benefits directly from spell checker thanks to new plugin DSpellCheck (Author: Sergey Semushin).
    If it does bother you, just uncheck Menu item Auto-check Document (Menu: Plugins -> DSpellCheck -> Auto-check Document).
    Edit: Due to DSpellCheck crashed if ASpell installed without dictionary, this release has been updated on 2013/05/06 01:25 Paris Time.
    Thanks a lot Sergey Semushin for his quick fix.

    Whats New
    • Add remembering folding between sessions feature.
    • Optimize startup (loading last session) performance.
    • Add multi-select feature in Document List Panel and Close/Keep the selected files commands.
    • Add new spell checker plugin (DSpellCheck).

    Download: Notepad++
Thread Status:
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