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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by dcdc, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. dcdc

    dcdc Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2004
    Boston area
    I bought Norton NIS with the Anti-Virus bundled with my first computer, a Dell. Every once in a while I have found that for some unknown reason some part of the software is apparently not loading properly. What is annoying is that they give you no warning until you double-click on the desktop and see the bad news for yourself with a warning in red. Panic.

    Today the AV email scanning was off. In the past script blocking has been off; sometimes the whole NIS seems to be off. The latter has happened more than once after I do the live updates, so now I routinely restart after downloading to make sure all appears to be well. Fortunately restarting has seemed to fix the problem every time so far, but who knows if it actually does. You would think Symantec would prompt you to restart after a download if it were necessary, but they don't. Why parts of the system don't seem to load properly at startup is a mystery to me. They're a big company and should do a better job of this.

    Has this happened to any of you?

    As a newbie, I am reluctant to dump the NIS for McAfee or even more so, a collection of software from different vendors; that's for more experienced users. Cost is a minor factor also. One thing I don't like is that there are too many vendors involved already - Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, and also Webroot (Spy Sweeper). If there's a problem, you don't know where to seek tech support if it's available at all (or competent - Dell's is marginal from India), and each can just claim, rightly or wrongly, that's it's somebody else's fault, or a compatibility problem, or who knows what. You're on your own.

    I was also advised by several people NOT to try and use multiple AV software as layered protection because they compete with each other in some seemingly unpredictable fashion, and create nothing but headaches.

    Thanks to all in advance for your opinions and advice.
  2. nod32_9

    nod32_9 Guest

    Yes, these things can happen with NAV. McAfee 7/8/9 intercepts more PC gremlins. Plus it doesn't bog down your PC like NAV. NOD32 is another light but effective AV.

    If you don't visit risky websites or do P2P, then Avast Home 4.5 (free) will also work as an AV solution. I've been using Avast Home for the last 3 years without any PC infection.

    There are no perfect AV. The most important component of an AV is the auto update feature. Avast has one of the most reliable and efficient updater in the AV business. I wouldn't touch NAV even if it is FREE.

    If you want the best AV scanner, then look for a program with the Kaspersky engine. I've seen these advertised on the internet for $10. Note that Kaspersky will slow down your PC, but not as much as NAV.
  3. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    Christchurch, UK
    There may be something here to help you with NIS. for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP&csm=no&tpre=

    I would initially try and find an answer to your problem with NIS. However, if there are continual problems with the program loading properly etc, you will lose confidence in the protective abilities of this suite. You may then need to look around for an alternative, more stable program.

    My daughter's new laptop came with NIS and she had great problems with the non-loading of the RTM and Live Update. We were not able to solve these problems so I had to switch her fairly quickly to Panda's Internet Suite.

    However, on other machines I have seen NIS run without any problems whatsoever!

    If you cannot solve your problems with NIS you can consider;

    1. Other new security suites, such as Panda, Command, Trend Micro etc.
    2. New, separate AV, Firewall and Spyware programs.
    3. To try and save some money, try and use at least some of the NIS suite; it may then become more stable on your system? For example try using the NAV only and supplement this with a free firewall ( Zone Alarm ).

    A lot depends upon the combinations you use. Overall if you are a fairly conservative surfer, I would recommend only installing one AV and supplementing this with one of the on-line AV scanners.
  4. TopperID

    TopperID Registered Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    I'm afraid you are not the first one to fall into this trap, Live Update seems to be inherently unstable and can malfunction through no fault of the user. In this case you can try downloading a fresh copy of Live Update but if that fails Symantec recommend you reinstal the whole package. But that is something you cannot do because it was a complementary package pre-loaded on your Dell, so you have no disk!

    All this despite the fact you have paid good money to Symantec for a service you are now unable to receive. It is an absolute disgrace and in my view breaches consumer law. You can try arguing the toss with Symantec but you get nowhere with their shamefully bad customer service dept.

    The only thing you can usefully do is ditch Norton for good and get a more reliable AV. That is what I did, along with very many other disatisfied ex-Symantec users/dupes!!!

    By the way it would not be a 'layered' approach to attempt to use more than one AV at a time - because they would both be on the SAME layer and that is why they would conflict with each other, possibly leading to serious problems. Though you can have a second AV installed as a backup scanner - so long as it is not resident as a realtime scanner (ie in your system tray).
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