Norton 360 handle leak?

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by Dragon1952, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. Dragon1952

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    Sep 16, 2012
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    Norton 360 handle leak? No email support?
    ‎12-07-2012 03:28 AM


    1. Yes I have Norton 360 ver 6, and Webroot Secure Anywhere (WSA) running together. According to Norton this is a conflict. According to Webroot WSA can run alongside and compliment any other security software.

    2. Webroot has a System Analyzer Tool, which scans Active Processes among other things. Specifically:

    3. Webroot SysAnalyzer suggests Norton 360\Engine\\ccSvcHst.exe has a possible "handle leak". Some of the log:
    2380 ... Working Set: 10 MB | Virtual: 299 MB | Handles: 2977 | Kernel Time: 00:08:09:0843 | Page Faults: 12593674

    4. The only "comparable" entry is 1324 C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe Working Set: 34 MB | Virtual: 175 MB | Handles: 1546 | Kernel Time: 00:08:24:0335 | User Time: 00:07:43:0494 | Page Faults: 1378468

    5. Norrton's engine shows almost twice the handles of svchost.exe, and 9 times as many page faults.

    6. Unrelated but significant - why can't I EMAIL Norton tech support anymore - seems the only choices are Live Chat and Phone support, or this forum. I can just imagine how painful this might be to pass this issue to Norton through Chat.

    7. Any feedback, similar issues?
  2. Techfox1976

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    Re: Hot Holiday Offers

    1: Norton doesn't want a chance that Webroot will find something they miss, and doesn't want to deal with trying to diagnose things that go wrong with themselves if something else is security on the system. Despite Norton trying very hard to make themselves not work with Webroot, the two will work together just fine. Sadly, Norton itself tries to throw a fit and scream that it wants to be the only one in your computer. It will try to kick out dozens of other AV programs, even other security software that is meant for a layered approach. That's why most high end security people don't use Norton anymore.

    Page faults are not an issue. Norton -may- have a handle leak (I wouldn't be surprised) as that is a disgustingly large number of handles. In the event of a handle leak, that number would increase in general over time.

    No idea, but you're actually in the Prevx/Webroot section of this forum, not the Norton section. XD (You actually responded your questions to an announcement post that TH made. Might be a good idea for a mod to split this post off.)

    Every single user I've assisted directly in person so far has made the choice to ditch Norton when it complains about Webroot because they see it for the bully and whiny brat it is. Your own choice is up to you, as I do know some users here have managed to slap Norton into behaving halfway by installing Webroot after, though then Norton has occasionally decided to -demand- that Webroot be removed at some points and refuse to operate until it is. That's just nuts. Forcing a user to remove a software package that is explicitly made to be compatible? Give people choice or GTFO. Norton gives no choice, so it did GTFO.
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