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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Ed_H, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. Ed_H

    Ed_H Registered Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    I just installed the trial version of NOD32 and did a complete scan. Approximately 127,000 files were scanned. A complete scan with KAV 4.5 scanned over 300,000 files. Is the scanning on KAV so much better?

    I was trying to use KAV 5.0 but an apparent compatibility issue would freeze my PC during a scan. I wanted to give NOD a try but am a little concerned about its capabilities due to some tests I have seen. Is NOD a good choice?
  2. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003

    It's a good choice for me. I like speedy, low overhead antivirus programs.
    I am not a high risk user. I don't use p2p, no warez sites, etc.

    Nothing I've used runs as well as NOD on my machine.

    The latest version of NOD with http scanning focuses on keeping viruses off your machine to start with.

    Files scanned depend on the way a virus scanner "counts" files. Is it a one zip file or one zip file with ten items inside being counted?
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  3. Blackspear

    Blackspear Global Moderator

    Dec 2, 2002
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  4. windstrings

    windstrings Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2004
  5. Defenestration

    Defenestration Registered Member

    Jul 17, 2004
    I have trialled both NOD and KAV, and while KAV is slower I feel more secure with it. However, I am thinking of trialling NOD again due to some issues with KAV.

    When I last used NOD, it never detected an exploited jpeg I had in a ZIP archive, although this might have been fixed.

    Whenever NOD is talked about people always say that it might not scan as many as KAV, but that it scans for the ITW viruses. This is all well and good, but does this mean that when these viruses are no longer ITW, they will be removed from NOD's database ?

    If not, then I can't see why all the other viruses that aren't ITW are not added to the database. People say it will slow down NOD too much, but I disagree. The NOD scanning engine is written in highly optimized assembler, and so the addition of more definitions should not cause that much of a slowdown, whilst at the same time giving peace of mind. Maybe an extended databases option like KAV would be a good idea, giving people the option to detect everything, if required. I don't require the unpacking ability of KAV, because an infected file would be identified if it was accessed, as long as the definition for that virus was present.

    I think NOD is going in the right direction with the Possibly infected files option (ie. malware, adware, diallers etc.), but I still feel safer with KAV for some reason, even though I have been extremely impressed with the speed and virus bulletin record of NOD.

    I am still having trouble making my mind up though.....
  6. windstrings

    windstrings Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    Let me first say some of what I say is speaking by "assumption" based on alot of my own research and my own questions if the forums. I have not point blank asked nod myself "why" don't they just add all the definitions that KAV uses?.. that shouldn't be hard?... there must be a good reason in the name of efficiency. There is also a reason that extendia or whatever its called.... uses both the KAV and the RAV engine..... one engine can't push both dats?...
    I personally keep a jpg scanner, a cws scanner and a few other around as a backup... they don't run all the time ..... only if and when I engage them, and they are only a backup if I feel something weird is going on and I feel I need to see if nod is finding all I think it is!
    Blackspear and Ron both have shown links that will point to a massive array of quality free scanners to test should you feel you need to.
    I do think nod32 scanning is superior in many ways because its new. Once a company has been around a long long time and have "built a kingdom" so to speak... its hard for them to pay serious money to wipe it all clean to the slate - and start over - with new assembly code!....... would be smarter to "in the right hand", let the aging company push on till the public finally wises up and thier energy fades and they have to close. In the meantime "in the left hand", they take the same money it would have taken to start fresh no continue thier good name.... they rather start a new company with a new name!... Its funny!... the same CEO runs them both! OR the same guy owns them both!... but the public is never privy to the conflict in interest!
    When that happens... the owner will not pour his money into both... he will let one die, while the other takes over... then he will drop the old in due time.

    I've seen it over and over again in different areas... I am a musician and after much research, I own a "Tacoma" guitar. If you do the research... the CEO for martin didn't want to make many improvements in the name of "technology" like this chier engineer kept pushing for, because then it wouldn't be a "martin" anymore?... so the chief enginner that was pushing for the new - branched off and started his own company called "Tacoma"..... So if you buy a tacoma, you get a martin thats not a martin, because the technology makes it really even better for less money!

    Thats the way I see nod.... better for less money!

    I would like the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing it scans for every known virus on the planet.....only if it doesn't kill my computer.

    I have a seperate jpg scanner and a few others for the "once in a blue moon times" that I suspect something in that area. In the meantime.. I trust NOD will add to their compilation of toys... anything they deem wise to do.

    They have won enough brownie points in my mind so far, that I trust they are not stupid and really want an excellent product that competes and keeps up with the demands of todays crap thats out there!
    Thats why they are now considered and excellent av and anti trogan/pest removeal tool.....So I trust them!
    It would have been far less complicated for them to not tackle the trogan removal service!!!.... I think trogan removal may be harder and more resource intentive to tackle than viruses!..... it takes me months to years to finally get a virus... - if I'm a good boy and stay out of trouble.... but I can get a trogan in five minutes if I don't know how to tweak my settings or have good software!

    You may say... why be foolish enough to trust another company when there are so many others that claim boasting rights!

    Its about "relationship"... something most companies have blown out the window. It's not like the "good old days" when companies valued their reputation!!!
    NOD has personally responded to my emails until the issues are resolved.... They have made sure quality poeple are on this forum that respond also..... people that know more than 1 + 1 = 2 !
    When they spend so much effort sending out NEW dats.... sometimes as many as three times in one day!.... I think they are very conciencous about keeping my computer safe and promoting excellence on behalf of thier company!

    So far every one that I have turned onto nod32 has loved it!..... It does take a bit fo tweaking to get all out maximum protection, "which btw does not slow your system down!".. (I don't know as of yet why nod just doesnt release their product with everything engaged.... its efficient enough, it would be less complicated and less confusing)

    Now lets compare the other av's as a lump whole... my experiece has been somewhat tarnished by mcafee!!! Ha Ha!!... ... most of the "big guys" in the av world that so many trust won't EVER respond.... nor will they make themselves even available without you paying dearly. and don't even update thier product but once a week.... barring a public catastophe where viruses have hit the newstands and gets attention. Kinda makes you think that Mcafee finds out about the viruses from the newspaper!... sorry for the slam.. Mcafee.. but you deserve it! *puppy*

    NOD may loose my faith later down the road for some reason of drastic change in their practices... but for now I am tolerant to know that no one.... or no product is ever perfect!...

    We all have chosen our own areas of expertise..... where and when we spend our time at the expense of loosing precious attention we could have spent in other areas!...
    I "humbly" :p feel I am talented in many areas... however I only have 24 hours to play!..... so humm :doubt: .... what will I give my attention to and thereby get even better at!... -- I sometimes wish I have the money and time of 6 people.... I could use them all!!!! I"m sure nod faces the same challenges! They have to decide what is their priority and how much money to throw at it in a given period!.... But I think they are pursueing perfection and thats why my vote is with them!...
    When I don't see that in a company... I don't give it much credence!

    I even stumble into some of the more shadier areas of the internet occasionally in search of certain hidden knowledge or insight and NOD has alwaysl protected me there!....
    IN fact its almost fun to wander in those places just to see it work so well!!!!
    You may think its foolish to play with fire... but if you want that good ol' warm and fuzzy feeling.... don't buy something that drags your computer down.... and don't test it with a computer disk of viruses where most are long gone and archaeic.... go into the real world and see for yourself.... Its quite impressive to watch NOD32 AMON catch something before you can blink an eye!.....
    Its also fun to put nod32 on an infected machine and what nod32 scanning clean house!

    Just keep a few other scanners avail to back you up until you get your faith in nod!
    Anyone that has faith in a company without extensive research and personal testing is either a fool, or willing to take the risk.....
    I don't like being either!
  7. windstrings

    windstrings Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    interesting.... I went to a few nasty sites just for fun and nod kicked (*&^(*&/!!! what was interesting is that IMON would show the virus file first and give an option to "terminate it" then after doing so... another window was waiting right behind from AMON with an option to delete it! both caught it at the same time!
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