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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by scott12, May 6, 2005.

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  1. scott12

    scott12 Guest

    My computer is very slow, specs aren't up to par with new systems so I've decided against resident protection from an AV. I know this sounds odd but my computer runs much faster now as opposed to then, I love the speed since I am on dial up I need all the speed I can get. I've gotten some basic programs to offer me decent protection.

    1. Looknstop
    2. Processguard
    3. Winpatrol

    Considering buying wintasks pro as well.

    If I can stop viruses and trojans from launching I can deal with that and I will be happy and to be honest I only get trojans from autosurf websites but since upgraded to Netscape 8 and enable maximun browser security and I get no more of those. I'm a safe surfer so I feel I can pull this off but another concern is when I get a virus it's in my documents and settings folder, almost all of them are and I would like some assistance of a program or two that can prevent that, maybe a cookie deleter, temp cleaner or something of that nature and also maybe some advice of pc security without a Active AV as resident.


  2. BlueZannetti

    BlueZannetti Registered Member

    Oct 19, 2003
    Actually, based on what you say you are now running, and contemplating to run, selecting a machine appropriate AV should yield a better result. Naturally, it's your choice, but AV's vary a lot on system impact. Many a quite heavy, a few are light. Which are you familiar/experienced with?

  3. scott12

    scott12 Guest

    Falimar with about all of them but my system runs better without it, I figure I can configure a firewall well enough and use safe browsing and I should do okay. I'm not gonna get a AV so I want to secure my browser and firewall to provide a great deal of security.
  4. Firecat

    Firecat Registered Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    The land of no identity :D
    If you really wanna go on that path then you might as well get a hardware firewall.
  5. Trans

    Trans Registered Member

    Dec 30, 2003
    I live like you Scott12 for a year now without resident protection.
    I use mainly Opera browser , Kerio 2.1.5 firewall and KAV 4.5 as an
    on Demand scanner.
    I'm not a careful surfer BUT I always scan what I
    download with KAV and many times it found Trojans .

    KAV found also some Trojans in my browser cache (when I manually
    let it scan it when I was offline) but these couldn't infect me from there
    so I don't worry.
    A good idea also is to have set browsers cache as "empty on exit".

    I have also Spywareblaster and Adaware installed.

    From all these only Kerio 2.1.5 is running which has a small footprint.

    I don't have the feeling that I am well protected this way but I prefer
    a small risk than sluggishness ....
  6. clansman77

    clansman77 Registered Member

    Jan 31, 2005
    atleast you can add some [/B]ondemand avs for weekly scans. that wont consume any resources realtime.
    u have ewido free,e-scan free,dr web cure it,antivir ondemand only,f-prot ondemand only(paid),dr web ondemand only(paid), to choose from..even kav can be made ondemand only without consuming any resources..
  7. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    Christchurch, UK
    Running without an AV Guard is risky but if you know what you are doing and practise safe hex you may not become infected. But if your on-demand scans are picking up malware then your supposedly safe hex behaviour is not quite there yet.

    If you have no valuable data on your machine and you are the sole user, you may well decide to run without a running AV Guard. But remember you can still infect other machines.

    Some general advice on safe hex here;

    But before giving up the idea of resident AV protection, I would try either F-Prot for Windows or Dr Web( custom install without the scheduler or Spidermail) running in real time. Both of these are very light-weight and will run on the oldest of computers.
  8. squash

    squash Registered Member

    Mar 25, 2005
    Definitely get AV realtime protection...
    In fact, since you are concern about speed, I would even drop Winpatrol for AV realtime protection.

    AVG 7.0 Free uses only 5 or 6 Meg in resources. So you may like to try that.
  9. tahoma

    tahoma Registered Member

    May 31, 2003
    get drweb as real time protection. i swear its so light it could run on my calculator without slowing it down
  10. Sputnik

    Sputnik Registered Member

    Feb 24, 2005
  11. Hyperion

    Hyperion Registered Member

    Sep 29, 2003
    Really?It's taking 25MB RAM right now on my PC.AVG 6 was much lighter.The lightest i know is AntiVir.It's even Windows 95 compatible,that should say something
  12. squash

    squash Registered Member

    Mar 25, 2005
    Yes, I'm not joking.
    AVG 7.0 Free here on this machine takes around 8 at max, with resident protection and everything enabled.

    I don't know whats wrong over there, since a program is a program.
  13. tkc

    tkc Guest

    i'm not sure if this would help but depending on the antivirus, the default setting may be to scan all files with heuristics on. this would obviously take up more system resources than scanning only selected extensions with heuristics off. although this may leave u prone to "in the wild" viruses, i think it would be the best tradeoff between having some virus protection and no virus protection.
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