nLite v0.99.4 beta

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    *What's new in 0.99.4b

    *USB Pooling Option
    *moved Profiles Path from Unattended to Options
    *Large Partition Support option (Win2k, above 137GB, needs confirming)
    *changed tcpip patch option, limited to max 1000 connections
    *cab extraction sweep for missing files
    *fixed: unidrv.hlp missing
    *fixed: autologon on XP
    *fixed: e1000msg.dll driver integration issue
    *fixed: oobe not running if kept
    *fixed: driver integration of aar2810sa and 3C90x
    *Vector Graphics Rendering
    *Volume Shadow Copy
    *upgraded: 16-bit support
    *fixed: printer drivers
    *fixed: QoS - Nod32 issue
    More Info--->
    *this in beta use at own risk
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.