NIS and Volume Snapshot Service

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Longboard, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Hhmm..not sure exactly how to ask this..

    WRT NIS 2011: Not unhappy with NIS as basic screen tool and FW.
    ( Not updated yet to 2012)

    Much too automatic imho, defaults seem to be set in stone sometimes, and have a lot of overlap, which intermittently leads to irritating issues.
    Heh: "Borged" by Symantec: either live with it or lose it.

    I have asked several times on the NIS Community forums re a more granular type control option, but obviously Symantec likes the LCD approach.

    I have 'sample files" and some tools that NIS regularly identifies as "High Risk"
    Mostly I keep these on external drives or partitions but not infrequently need or want to use them.

    I have to go through the usual convoluted Symantec pathways to exclude these files.

    Then when I run any back-up/image tool that uses VSS, these files get stripped or quarantined again from within the VSS process. :mad:

    Even if I disable whatever I can there seems to be some setting somewhere I cannot access.

    Is there some/any way to exclude the VSS function from being 'cleaned out' by NIS. ?? :doubt:

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