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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by NewNOD, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. NewNOD

    NewNOD Guest

    Thought I'd install NOD32 again and see if the update has addressed any of the old issues that have been reported and that I have experienced.

    The good:

    1. So far, the Kernel32 errors/crashes which I and others reported have dissappeared on my PC, even with IMON enabled. Jury is still out, but this looks promising so far.

    The Not So Good:

    1. IMON now interferes with port 119 / 1119 (outbound and localhost) being accessed by Hamster news servers (I have an archive Hamster which connects to external news servers outbound on port 119 and listens to localhost:1119 for a connection from another Hamster which feeds my news reader). I tried lowering compatibility and repairing network settings from the IMON options, neither of which allowed the Hamsters to connect. The only thing that worked was to exclude the Hamsters' executable from IMON in the (new) exclusion dialogue. Why would an anti-virus email scanner set to monitor port 110 (SMTP) activity prevent other apps from functioning on port 119 (NNTP)? I guess the developers knew that whatever they did was going to cause problems, otherwise the exclusion feature probably would not have been included. But still, why does port 119 / 1119 even enter into the equation?

    2. AMON exclusions still do not work here unless using the well-discussed Short File Name / Long File Name workaround. From what I've read in new posts regarding the update's purpose, it seems no claim was made for even attempting to fix this. I did see one user here report in another thread that exclusions were finally working...??

    3. Overall system impact seems to have increased here but this is really difficult to measure. Seems others are reporting this, too.

    Also, is anybody else showing odd update info? NOD32 shows the correct version and build number, but "Last Update" shows as 12/06/2003 instead of today's date, 12/08/2003. Doing another update displays the "No Update Necessary" message box, but the "update" date doesn't "update" :).

    That's it for now.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. NewNOD

    NewNOD Guest

    All issues posted by me here seem to have been addressed by an update this morning (12/09/2003) except for the old AMON exclusions issue.

    See here:
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