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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Como, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Como

    Como Guest

    My system is Windows XP Home with two hardrives both formated in the NTFS file system, drive 1 is the system boot drive C:\, Drive 2 has two partitions D:\ where my data is stored and L:\ which I made to store image files, there is no operating system files on this drive other than those Windows placed there

    Using TrueImage 8 build 774

    I have created incremental backups of my D:\ data to L:\ today I decided to try to restore the last image back to my data partition

    Restoring under Windows I receive a confirmation message stating "the logical disk you have chosen is currently in use", there are 4 options one of them was to Dismount the disk I took this option and eventually was asked to select the type of partition I wanted to restore

    This screen has three options
    Primary (this was greyed out)

    The description state that the original partition type is selected by default

    In my case the Active type was selected automatically

    I canceled the operation and tried by using the boot disk eventually getting to the screen where you select the type of partition, again TrueImage had selected the partition as Active

    Two questions

    1 Which of the 4 options on the confirmation screen is best to choose when restoring in Windows

    2 Is ThueImage right in in selecting my partition as Active when it states it is logical on the confirmation screen
  2. djmorgan

    djmorgan Registered Member

    Sep 15, 2004
    With the scenerio you detailed you would select option 3 to make a logical partition, Active would be your boot partition or C:

    If you image your C: partition you would set that as primary at the time of reinstall

    ATI selection would be nothing more than the default, as you could be creating another boot partition or active partition in preparation for swapping over the drives.
  3. Como

    Como Guest

    Thank you for the quick reply and apologise for not replying sooner, been away from comp.

    So I am expecting ATI to select the type of drive Primary or Logical that I have imaged and restoring - but ATI always selects Active ?
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