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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by HURST, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. HURST

    HURST Registered Member

    Jul 20, 2007

    I decided to take the jump and start trying to use a HIPS.
    I tried ThreatFire, CFP and EQS.

    I'm surprised how light HIPS are, compared to my AV (and I thought NOD32 was light).

    All 3 have good things, but I have some concerns.

    ThreatFire: I'm not to sure about it's protection level, I have spend the whole morning here in wilders and in castlecops and have found different opinions. I also don't like that it has alerted me that Outlook was logging keystrokes, which I think is a FP. I do like it's simple UI and the fact that it keeps alerting things, but i'ts not overwhelming (I have it at level 5).

    CFP: I like the option to have a Firewall in the same package, but also I've read different opinions saying that it's buggy, etc. I found it complicated to navigate through the UI and configuration and found myself wondering what different options where suposed to do. I also didn't like the fact that it displayed no pop-ups, because it was in clean-pc mode. So it relied in a scanner to assume my PC is clean (i came to HIPS escaping from signature scanners). Maybe it's usefull if I install it after a clean install.

    EQSecure: On my laptop, the lightest of the 3. I installed it with Alcyon's ruleset. Despite the infinite pop-ups, I never had the feeling that it was "too much for me". This could be a problem in the future though as I supose I could get tired of that. Also, I found the problem that the optiond "Allow" and "Block" can be selected with keys "A" and "D". I was typing something, a pop-up jumped and accidentally I blocked something. This is a problem IMO.

    Could you suggest which one plays nicest with my setup (see my sig). Can you comment on protection levels? Any other thing I'm not paying attention to?
  2. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Dec 14, 2005
    Saudi Arabia/ Pakistan
    All r good. TF is good if u hate pop ups. EQS n CFP if u wana total control.

    Keep TF at default level. CFP can be set to Train with safe mode or even Paranoid mode. EQS is lightest.
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