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Could users benifit from such a subforum as described in the posting? (Private vote)

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  1. MakoFusion

    MakoFusion Registered Member

    Jun 25, 2003
    Hello there my brothers and sisters in security. Can you feel those pure and precious encryption algarythems embracing our very soul penitrating us to secure our computers that extra mile? When I think back to how I used to surf naked in the cyber rain I realize how vunurable and unprotected I really was and it saddens my heart. Since I have become a man I have left such childish wisdom behind me - a favorite still is "Well I can't see a virus, so it must not be there!". What am I all about here? I want my computer security tighter than a virgin on prom night with a chastity belt strapped to her loins. I'd like to see a posting that states...

    I use program A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc...
    but those are the postings of yesterday and simply not enough. Here is a place where we should strive for the new user being able to get the most out of the setup. A poorly configured program is simply a false sense of security. A new subforum under Privacy Software and Issues titled "Privacy Software and Setup" is desired perhaps. It would be one thread per software program that we run where we, the paranoid freaks of technology, sit down and discuss how to secure, patch, configure, and manicure each program to the fullest. For example if someone says 'Firefox' then lets show others who may not be so 'gosu' aka 'expert' how they can beef that one particular program up to the max. What settings do you use? What do you enable or disable when you first set it up and why do you do it that way? Do you know of any extensions or custom configs that would make it more secure or work better? The forum would be left open for edit by the poster so that they may update it.

    An example is as follows...

    Firefox thread
    Latest Version: 1.0.6

    Key Legend:
    [√] Check the box
    Text Uncheck the box
    * Personal preference
    $ Personal preference w/security measure

    I. Replacing IE with something else...

    1. Mozilla Firefox Browser

    ►*View►Toolbars►Bookmarks Toolbar

    b. OPTIONS
    ►Tools►Options►(Left hand side menu)

    ►Home Page►*Use Blank Page
    ►$Connection Settings...(For use with remote or local host proxy... Proxomitron anyone?)

    ►History►(0 days)►Clear
    ►Saved Form Information►Save information I enter...►Clear
    ►Saved Passwords►Remember Passwords►Clear
    ►$Download Manager History►Upon successful download►Clear (See notes at end of Firefox section)
    ►$Cookies►Allow sites to set cookies►Clear (See notes at end of Firefox section)
    ►Cache►(0 KB)►Clear
    ►Clear All►Clear All Information

    -->Web Features
    ►Block Popup Windows [√]
    ►Allow web sites to install software
    ►*Load Images [√]
    ►*for the originating web site only
    ►Enable Java (See notes at end of Firefox section)
    ►Enable JavaScript (See notes at end of Firefox section)

    ►●Ask me where to save every file
    ►[√] Show Download Manager window when a download begins.
    ►$Close the Download Manager window when all downloads are complete.

    ►*Browsing►Resize large images to fit in the browser window



    ►URL box <type>
    ►Filter: box <type>
    ►Select 'network.http.sendRefererHeader'►Change from 2 to 0►OK


    ►URL box <type>
    (Slot reserved for all those custom configs so many of you use to increase connections on broadband.)


    ►(Slot reserved...)


    2. Opera Browser - (Slot reserved for regular user.)

    Now I understand this is a more involved process and typing than these other postings that simply list them... But we feel that a poorly handled program offers a false sense of security and that would defeat the purpose of why we are here. If you are familiar with a certain program and know how to get the maximum out of it list it and tell us what you did to tighten it. Over time we will then have a compiled listing of many different types of programs so that new users can familiar themselves with them more quickly.

    Show your support for such a new subforum where security software/hardware and its best setup is grouped together instead of scattered throughout.
  2. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    i get what ur saying tho ur post is messy with the arrows and all the symbols. maybe a "newbie or learning" section for setting up software or asking recommendations. like u said theres already these kinda threads but they need to be stickied and/or consolidated to a seperate section so theyre easier to find.
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