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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by luv2bsecure, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. luv2bsecure

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    Feb 9, 2002
    I should first say that I am a believer in open-source software when encryption is involved, so this is not an endorsement of any kind. With that said, SecurStar (commercial/closed) has come up with a slick new version of their full-disk encryption package - the popular DCPP. The operating system within an operating system is very interesting:

    FROM SecurStar WEBSITE:

    Hidden Operating System:
    DCPP is the only software on the market, able to hide an entire operating system inside the free disk space of another operating system. You can practically define two passwords for your DCPP encrypted disk: One password is for the visible operating system, the other for the invisible one. The first "fake" password gives you access to a pre-configured operating system (outer OS), while the other gives you access to your real working operating system. This functionality is extremely useful if you fear that someone may force you to provide the DCPP password; in this case, you simply give away the first (fake) password so that your attacker will be able to boot your system, but only see the prepared information that you want him to find. The attacker will not be able to see any confidential and personal data and he will also not be able to understand that the machine is storing one more hidden operating system. On the other hand, if you enter your private password (for the invisible disk), your system will boot a different operating system (your working system) giving you the access to all your confidential data.
    The creation of a hidden operating system is not obligatory and as such, it is not possible for anyone who does not have the hidden OS password to know or find out, if a hidden operating system exists or not.

    Some of the main features & benefits:
    · Boot protection
    · Pre-Boot authentication: Login before starting the operating system
    · Multiple OS boot support (Microsoft)
    · Invisible operating system (allows hiding the entire operating system
    · Full or partial hard disk encryption
    · Sector level protection
    · Complete "power off" protection i.e. unauthorised users are prohibited from starting up the PC
    · AES 256 bit encryption
    · No size limitation for encrypted disks
    · Manages an unlimited amount of encrypted disks simultaneously.
    · Allows steganography to hide data into pictures
    · Trojan and keyboard sniffer protection preventing passwords from being sniffed / captured (red screen modus).
    · Anti dictionary and brute-force attack mechanisms (due to the nature of DCPP, it is the most difficult system to attack compared to anything else available.)
    · Encrypts almost any kind of media (hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP, JAZ, etc...)
    · Administrator /user specific rights
    · USB-Token authentication at pre-boot level (Aladdin R2 and Rainbow USB-Token)
    · Facility to validate the integrity of the encryption method.
    · Recovery disk for "disaster recovery"
    · Easy to install, deploy and use.
    · Completely transparent to the user
    · Minimal administration and user training.
  2. I have just started to try it. Here is my requests for still more features, which I believe would be gratly appreciated by many:

    1. A better emergency recovery disk: it should be capable to unencrypt on the fly a partition and permit to use ghost or something similar so that compression is available and unused space is not wasted in the backup,
    since my boot partition is 40 Gb. Too much for an uncompressed backup.
    I think to something like a bartpe or er commander live cd with a special plugin for dcpp...

    2. The capacity to make self-installing encrypted partitions on external usb disks like truecrypt, so I can connect mine to other puters with no dcpp installed.

    3. Support for raid (hardware)

    4. ...
  3. e gad

    e gad Guest

    The "Outer" is the fake and the real one exists within the free disk space? Thats insane. You could never overwrite (or accidently fill) the freespace because it would corrupt your 'true' system!
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