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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by PeterD, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    I'm new to TI, and picked the product because it looks like it can back-up just about anything on a hard disk. I just got a new eMachine T3092, comes with a NEC ND-2500 DVD RW drive. I want to backup the HD image before I go thru the initial XP boot, installation, and configuration. Thought the TI bootable diskettes would let me do it. No such luck!

    Tried the demo, and it looked good. Paid for the real thing, downloaded, installed on my old T21 running WIN2000, made the bootable floppys, started up the new eMachines, floppys load fine. I tell TI to backup the HD, put the image on the DVD, it sez, 'ok', thinks for a bit, opens the DVD burner, I put a brand new maxell DVD-R in, and the following message comes up:

    E00040004: Disk is Full.

    A possible reason may be poor media quality.

    Please press Retry to continue with Volume 1 or press
    Cancel to .....

    I read the fine print in the doc, and it sounds like TI doesn't really handle DVD burning very well. So, what are my options?

    1) Would still like to make a DVD, but I'm thinking I will never find DVD burner type software that will work off a boot disk, Acronis', Microsoft's, or anybody's boot disk.

    2) Does TI have the same kinds of problems burning CDs? or can the Acronis boot disk software handle it? If I image the HD to 4 CDs (Acronis' calculation), can I put them all together later (such that I will be able to 'Explore Images')?

    3) If I thru an old HD in the new eMachine as a 2nd drive, can I put an image on it? The old drive would be a lot samller than the new one (20Gb vs 160Gb), but it is way bigger than the size of the image Acronis calculates (a little over 2Gb)? Can I later copy this to a DVD?

    Help ... I need a fast tutorial on the tricks.

    Oh, I've upgraded to build 771.
  2. pochoboy

    pochoboy Guest

    Well, I got the same problem, now I got 4 beverage coasters in the rubbish can(leaks through that center hole). I bought this TI ver7.0 last year and just got my first dvd burner not knowing TI and dvd burner problems.

    is there a fix in the near horizon?? Geez, $49 is $49 bucks for a poor fellow such as myself.
  3. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Aug 19, 2004
    Menorca (Balearic Islands) Spain
    I've just attempted to burn an image to DVD direct from a TI 8.0 Build 771 Boot Rescue Disk under the following 4 conditions:

    1. DVD-R
    2. DVD RW straight out of the box
    3. DVD RW after using Nero Burning ROM "Erase Rewritable Media"
    4. DVD RW after using Nero InCD to carry out a (UDF) "Format"

    In each case TI failed with the same "Disk Full" error message reported in the previous posts. I therefore conclude that TI 8.0 isn't capable of burning images to DVD direct from the Boot Rescue Disk.

    If you want an image on DVD then use TI running in Windows mode as per the User's Guide. However, if you really do need to drop into boot rescue mode, create an image (you'll need to select 1.9GB file size if intending to copy to an ISO DVD R/RW) on another hard drive or partition and then indirectly burn it to DVD using your normal DVD burning software. Alternatively, if you wish to create a self contained bootable rescue disk + image then check out wdormann's procedure at

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