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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by Psak8302, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Psak8302

    Psak8302 Registered Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    This whole story is long and frustrating, so bear with me as I retell it in all of it's unexciting glory.

    My problems started about a week ago when my wireless router, God rest it's soul, died after years of faithful service. Using my smartphone, I ordered up it's upgraded successor, a magnificent machine that if, it works as advertised, should be an incredible upgrade over my now deceased router. But in the mean time, had a house full of wireless devices that didn't have a network. What was I going to do?

    Luckily enough for me, I had recently acquired a laptop that has an Intel Ultimate-N 6300 wireless card in it. For those of you not familiar, this card as the ability to create wireless hot spots. So, being the resourceful one I am, I enabled that feature, created a wireless network through my laptop, and connected all of my wireless devices through it almost without an issue. The only issue I had, was that the devices only had internet access when my eset smart security firewall was disabled. :ouch:

    Anyway, I figured it was a problem that could be solved simply by forwarding some ports. No problem! So I waded through seemingly endless amounts of pages online trying to find which ports to such luck. Next, I optimistically thought "Ok then, maybe it's a setting in windows that's screwing this up!" so I plunged into the network settings and after hours of dabbling I failed to fix anything. It's about this time that I realize I need some help, so I call my laptop manufacturer and see if they can help me; in short, they could not, so I called Intel, and after hours of screwing around with a tech support agent who was as borderline to rude as one could get, his only solution was to uninstall eset, open the command prompt and run the command "netstat -a" to see which ports were being used by the devices I was trying to connect to the internet through my laptop...

    I stopped there, because of two reasons. The first was that my devices were no longer connecting to the internet through my laptop with my eset firewall disabled, which lead me to believe that uninstalling my protection would have been a waste of my time. The second reason was if that didn't work, which I was reasonably sure it would not, the next course of action was to make changes to my windows 7 home premium OS that were potentially very risky and could potentially cause a system crash warranting a full system reformat; not something I was going to risk when my new router is days away.

    Anyway, after all that wasted time and effort, I gave up trying to figure it out with that intel rep and cut my loses; his suggestions were no longer helpful and I was getting tired of him telling me that, while there was no reason for what I was trying to do to not work (which it most certainly did..I was able to DL@15mbs on my smartphone 15ft away from the laptop!) the software intel provided for the 6300 "was not designed to do what I was doing with it." My new router was on it's way, and I would not have to mess with all this stuff to enable my wireless network. That being said, I would really like to make this feature work; after all, it is one of the reasons I spent the extra money on having a wireless card with that capability. I would have come here first but to my knowledge, you guys don't have phone support, and I wanted to talk to someone about this. Anyway, if you guys have heard of issues like this before, I'm more than open to working with you guys to figure this out. PLEASE tell me that you have some suggestions as to what I can do to kickstart this network!
  2. Cudni

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    May 24, 2009

    STRYDER Registered Member

    Aug 21, 2008
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