NetVeda Safety.Net underrated?

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by coolGUY174, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. coolGUY174

    coolGUY174 Guest

    I am stuck between choosing two firewalls. NetVeda Safety.Net and Kerio 4.1.3 I've given both of them a try and each have their own disadvantages.

    I'm looking for stealth protection. I dont think Kerio 4.1.3 offers that. After installing it and checking it with the Shields UP! test at my computer failed after I turned on the max protection I can.

    NetVeda passed but the Blocked Intrusions alerts keep turning themselves back on. Would like your opinions on both of them. Thanks.
  2. Right click on the NV icon....uncheck alerts....just leave "show warnings" checked.
  3. coolGUY174

    coolGUY174 Guest

    tried it. keeps coming back on.

    is there any stealth option in NetVeda?
  4. Security.......Internet Security.....I have them all checked except Activate
    component learning. Don't forget to always hit apply when you make changes.
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