NeroMediaPlayer "hijacks" my mpegs/wma's (?)

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by slammer_JvA, May 2, 2004.

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    Feb 23, 2004
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    NeroMediaPlayer "re-assigns" my mpegs/wma's (?)

    Sure I'm overlooking something here, that is why I could use some help:

    After the expiring of the trial version of Nero 6 I used, I tried to uninstall it again (being the good boy I am... :rolleyes:).

    Apparantly this was not quite succesful... and through "Add and remove programs"-function I can't get rid of NeroBurningRom.
    It shows a "Fatal installation error" and doesn't complete the removal.

    Now, many of my mpegs and wma's still are assigned as:

    "NeroMediaPlayer media files"

    but... because this demo-player has expired....many won't play anymore!:mad:
    And so won't the mpegs on the net.

    When trying to re-assign the files as WindowsMediaPlayer files (to be played with WMP), I can't.....: bummer!:doubt:



    edit: I managed to re-assign the files to be played by wmp; yet, I still haven't found a way to remove all of nero...
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