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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by Teesa, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. Teesa

    Teesa Guest

    I'm not new to using Spyware Blaster v3.3, but I still have many questions of things I don't understand.

    I don't know if SB is really blocking anything b/c I still get 'ncase', 'alexa', 'doubleclick' and 'fastclick' on my puter [this has been proven by Ad-Aware SE Personal v1.05]. SB is supposed to be running on its own, but it's not in TaskManager, and it's not listed as running in the background [Windows Inspector v6.2]?

    How can I add cookies manually? restricted sites manually? sites for IE manually? I know I can apparently i can do this in > Tools > Custom Blocking, but I need a CLSID num. How do I find out a CLSID num? I tried doing an internet search on that one, but didn't find anything helpful.

    In > Tools > Browser Pages, I have 6 Googles, how do I delete some of them? I only have IE set up w/ Google as HP, so I don't understand why there's so many?? There's an option to Change, but that's it.

    I have a 2 month old Compaq Presario [which I hate and will NOT recommend to ANYone], XP Home Edition, IE v6.0, Firefox v1.0, and Netscape v7.2 [which all like to just shut down for no apparent reason that I can figure out] and if anyone needs to know anything else, just ask me.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    Hey Teesa,

    In the proof Adaware is providing....'doubleclick' and 'fastclick' should be found as Privacy cookies :doubt: ....are you using Spywareblasters Cookie blocking feature....which covers 'doubleclick' and 'fastclick' o_O

    What info is Adaware supplying concerning "ncase" ?

    Spywareblaster is not designed to run in the background....once you have applied the settings you simply close the program down.

    Link to KB---> FAQ: Do I have to keep SpywareBlaster™ running for it to provide protection?

    You can not add sites Manually via the Spywareblaster program....but you can simply use Internet Explorer's built in function to add sites to it's Restricted Zone or Privacy Cookie section....which is the same place Spywareblaster adds them if that feature is selected by the user.
    The Custom blocking feature is for adding ActiveX Component CLSID's of known spyware, adware, dialers, browser hijackers....not for adding URL or IP's of sites. Please see the below link for further clarification.

    This link---> How to add custom CLSID's to block with SpywareBlaster

  3. Teesa

    Teesa Guest

    Hi Bubba

    I have checkmarks in "Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, dialers, etc" and "Prevent spyware/tracking cookies" in the IE tab, "Restrict the actions of spyware..." in the Restricted Sites tab, and "Prevent spyware/tracking cookies" in the Mozilla/Firefox tab. Every time there's an update for SpywareBlaster, I manually scroll through each one to make sure they're all checked and I hit "Protect against all checked items" twice for good measure, lol.

    I was asking specifically about this b/c if you watch your Status bar in whatever browser you're using, it sometimes says such sites as 'adoubleclick', 'fastclick' and some have a few variations of them, such as '', '', etc. I don't know for sure, but I figure if it's showing up down there that's it's going on my puter. With IE, you can go look in your Cookie and Temp Internet files and see all of them in there. I have them in my Restricted part in my IE, but still they come...

    Ad-Aware lets me know somethings bad in the "New Critical Objects" and other places depending on what's found. It's been a while since ncase was found on my puter so I can't say for sure exactly what it said. I delete all quarantined objects in all the prog's I run immediately as long as I know for a fact that it's bad. If I'm not sure, I'll keep it in quarantine and look it up, if I can't find it or anything about it, I ask.

    That's what I read in the Help, but as I wasn't sure if it was really blocking anything I wanted to ask for sure.

    I'll check that site out when I'm done asnwering your questions.

    I did find the pre-made lists for adding CLSID's, took me a bit, but I figured out how to put them together and show up in SB.

    As I mentioned before, I do have 'adoubleclick' and various others in my Restricted Zone in IE, but they still show up on my puter. I now use either Netscape or Firefox, but neither lists sites individually so I don't know if they're actually being blocked in either of those. I don't like IE b/c of the insecurity and vulnerabilities, but I'm getting very irked at both Netscape and Firefox as they've both been just shutting down with no warning for about 2 months now. On occasion, I get an error message and it asks if I want to send a report or not, I never bother b/c although I always used to when something happened, of all 30 or 40 reports I've sent in, not ONE was ever solved or explained. What's the point of complaining if no one listens, eh?

    I check for updates every day and run each program I have at least every other day. No reasons or causes for this ever show up. I've totally uninstalled both Netscape and Firefox, made sure every last file associated w/ each is gone and installed them again fresh. Didn't help. I may just go back to IE, insecurity and vulnerabilities or not, just b/c it's never just shut down on me.

    I'm going to stop complaining now b4 I start on how my kitchen floor just REFUSES to mop itself... lmao... and read that site you posted.

    Thank you SO MUCH for your help and answers!! :) :)
  4. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    That mis-understanding may be the problem because that is simply info that is attempting to load. That which is allowed does....that which is dis-allowed doesn't.

    Couple of questions:
    1)What version of Internet Explorer are you using ?
    with IE Help\About Internet Explorer

    2)If you go to using Internet Explorer....what icon indicators do you see in the bottom right area of IE's Status Bar :doubt:
    a World Globe and the words Internet and a Cookie indicator(an eye with a red circle\minus sign)

    3)When you said earlier.... "but they still show up on my puter" ....are you using IE's Status Bar indicator as the only way of telling....or are you seeing them on your PC somewhere ?
  5. JRosenfeld

    JRosenfeld Registered Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    Do you have Spybot S&D? If so what version and what updates? Reason for asking is that at one point the updates messed up the block cookies settings; a fix was provided later but you may have missed that.

    In IE, Tools, Internet otions, Privacy tab, click sites:
    is there a long list of sites there, or just a couple? If there are lots, scroll down, see if some entries are for doubleclick, fastclick, etc.
  6. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    Just a little comment concerning Spybot and IE's Tools\Internet otions\Privacy tab. While Spybot did have a quirk where-by it prevneted all URL's from showing except 2....the other entries were still there in the registry and they were still providing the protection.
  7. Teesa

    Teesa Guest

    Hi, sorry I haven't been in for a while, we're moving and have been really busy trying to pack up a 4 story house with two toddlers.

    Version of IE is 6.0, Firefox is 1.0.3, and Netscape 7.2 [figured I'd do them all ;)].

    I always have the world globe that says Internet on it and I also have the eye with the red circle.

    When trying to access the ''doubleclick'' site, I'm now getting an error message stating that my settings are restricting ActiveX controls [not related, I know], my world globe has changed to a red circle with a white line that says ''Restricted Sites''.

    I don't have any ''doubleclick'' cookies, but I do have all sorts of ''doubleclick'' Temporary Internet Files. Is this a big deal? Do the temp files matter like cookies do?

    Yes, I have Spybot S&D, version 1.3 and I check for updates every day.

    Hundred's of entries there, including ''doubleclick'' and ''fastclick'', I could never get the ''ad.doubleclick'' to stay. I'm sorry I don't recall exactly why now, my brain's stuck on boxes, packing boxes and where to put boxes... lol
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