need help with Intel Data Migration Software

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    need help: Intel Data Migration Software boot disk use

    i see that the Intel Data Migration Software (IDMS) is not discussed often on this forum. I do have a question someone may be able to answer....
    FACT: I installed the IDMS software on my PC which has a UEFI motherboard (Asus P8z77-V), Windows 8x64 Pro OS and an INTEL SSD used as the "system drive". The System Drive SSD has a GPT as does an empty HDD also installed in the PC.

    1.) to Clone the existing system drive (SSD) to an empty HDD recently installed on the PC. The HDD would serve as my 'backup' in case of a severe OS crash or SSD failure.
    NOTE: I used the IDMS User Guide v.2, of April, 2013 Appendix A as a guide. Appendix A of the IDMS User Guide clearly indicates this option (SSD>HDD) is possible. In fact, by using IDMS *outside of Windows allows the user to pick *any drive as the Source and any other drive as the Target.

    2.) to make and *use a IDMS "bootable emergency disk" to accomplish objective #1. to use the IDMS Clone process *outside of the existing W8 operating system.

    PROBLEM: a failure to *completly load and use either bootable emergency disk... PC freezes during loading process and does not boot into IDMS on boot disk.
    ->I made the IDMS emergency bootable disk per IDMS instructions in the IDMS User Guide. The guide provided instructions for two different methods for creating the bootable disk. This user made (2) disks, using each of the two methods offered by IDMS.

    ->I placed each bootable disk in the CD reader and started the PC. I tried every combination of settings in the UEFI I could think of to get a emergency boot disk to fully load; UEFI=OFF/ON. CD Reader=UEFI-Capable/UEFI-Not Capable.

    -> Intel states the folling on page 5, Sections 1.2.and 3 of its IDMS User Guide:

    1.2: "The Primary cloning method is using the Intel Data Migration software from the host Operating System. *There is an alternate method of cloning by creating a bootable CD/USB drive using the “Creating Recoverable Media” icon on the main program window after installing. This will make a bootable drive which can be used to run the software"
    1.3: "With the new 2.0 release, the Intel Data Migration Software now supports Windows* 8 systems with GUID Partition Table (GPT), Secure boot and uEFI BIOS.
    1.3: -Note on UEFI Support: For the data migration to complete the cloning of the operation, it will reboot the system to run an Acronis* loader. Some EFI BIOS will not automatically boot to this loader. It may be necessary to interrupt the reboot process, enter into the BIOS Boot Manager to tell the computer to run the Acronis* loader. Please refer to your computer’s documentation on how to enter the BIOS or boot loader.

    thank you for any assistance you provide...!
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