NEED HELP - PC frozen during Backup Clone Disk

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by pehendrix, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. pehendrix

    pehendrix Registered Member

    Aug 22, 2009
    Hi - running Drive Backup for the first time. Prompted to restart PC so that program could control - during reboot, screen went black, all I'm seeing is a blinking cursor line at the upper left corner of the screen. I'm assuming this isn't normal. I've tried to shut down (CRTL-AL-DEL), but PC returns to the same black screen.

    Any suggestions? Thank you very much!

  2. Vanzans

    Vanzans Registered Member

    Aug 21, 2009
    Check your CDRom (drives) to see if you mistakingly left a cd in one of them. If that checks out ok you might want to go into your BIOS and check your boot sequence to see if all is well there.

    If the above is as it should be then I suggest you use your Recovery CD to boot into Drive BackUP, open the Disk View tab and check if you succeeded in cloning your disk; while there check your C: drive to see if its OK. If your C: drive is OK and you have succeeded in making the clone you MIGHT consider deleting the clone and thereby return your pc to normal.

    Read the instructions on disk cloning again to see if you know what to do and attempt another clone.
  3. Paragon_Tony

    Paragon_Tony Former Paragon Moderator

    Aug 14, 2009
    Hi pehendrix,

    Perhaps the "restart operation" did not write to your drive correctly, and has left you with an incorrect Master Boot Record.

    Fix the MBR using the Paragon Standard Recovery CD (Linux/DOS):
    -Boot from the Recovery CD and choose either Normal Mode or Safe Mode
    -Run Boot Corrector
    -Select Modify Partition Parameters, Click Next
    -Ensure that the Windows Partition has the Active flag (A). If not, highlight it and click Set Active.
    -Click Back
    -Select Correct the Master Boot Record (MBR), Click Next
    -Select Update the MBR executable code, Click Next, Click Yes, Click Finish

    Fix the MBR using the Paragon Advanced Recovery CD (WinPE):
    -Boot from the Recovery CD
    -Choose the first option to run DB9
    -Right click your Windows partition; you should either see Mark Active, or Mark Inactive. If it says Mark Active, do it. If it says Mark Inactive, you're fine.
    -Right click the Hard Disk (click above the partitions)
    -Click Update MBR
    -Apply your changes

    You can also run 'Fixmbr' from the Windows XP/2003 Recovery Console, or 'bootrec /fixmbr' from the Vista/2008 Console.

    The Standard CD is included in all Editions and is created by installing the application in Windows and running the Recovery Media Builder. WinPE is included with Professional Edition and above and is delivered as a seperate download in an EXE package; run the file to launch the Unpack & Burn Wizard and follow the steps to burn the bootable disc.

    Once you are back in Windows, run CHKDSK /f on all volumes. When you've confirmed there are no errors, retry your copy.

    If operations requiring a restart continue to result in your drive not being bootable then there may be a compatibility issue, or a more serious problem. At that point I would recommend that you boot to a recovery disc and perform the copy outside of Windows.

    Please reply here if you are unable to resolve the boot issue and/or complete your disk copy.

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