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    nChronos Server

    • Q: I double-clicked the server icon on the desktop, but the web browser didn’t open server administration page, why?
      A: The server administration is web-based. When double-clicking the desktop icon, it opens http://localhost in your web browser, which means the default port number is 80. Fail to see the administration page, it’s because the default port #80 has been engaged by other web applications. And nChronos will try to use port 81 (1 increment at a time). So you can try this URL in your browser: http://localhost:81. If port 81 is unavailable, try 82.
    • Q: What’s the difference between Administration port and Communication port under Basic Settings?
      A: The administration port is used for the web browser to open nChronos Administration portal pages. The communication port is open for nChronos console to connect to the server.
    • Q: Is the communication between nChronos server and nChronos console
      A: Yes, the connections between nChronos server and console are encrypted by private encryption algorithm, which secures data transmissions and minimizes the length of data.

    Console Console

    • Q: I cannot connect to my nChronos server, what should I do?
      A: First you need to make sure the server is up and running, and then check if you use the same communication port number as specified on the server (by default port 3,000). Then you need to check your account and password.
    • Q: I don’t see any statistics in the views except “Please select a time span on the trend chart.”
      A: You need to click-n-drag on the trend chart to select a time slice. When a time span specified, the views will show data among that time period only.
    • Q: How do I drill-down?
      A: Please follow these steps to drill-down: check the items you need to drill-down in any view (except the Summary view) > right-click to open context menu > hover cursor on Drill Down > select a sub statistics type.
    • Q: I finished the configurations of the Email Options to alert me anomalies,
      but I never get an email, why?
      A: This is because only the email server with port number 25 is supported. Therefore, you need to make sure the mail server accepts connections from port 25, and the port number is set 25 in Alarm Options.
    • Q: How can I download the packets on nChronos server to my local host?
      A: In any view, check the items that you want to download the packets of them, right-click and choose Download Packets from the context menu. Then specify a local folder and file name to save the packets, and click Start button.
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