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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Wills, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Wills

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    Oct 20, 2004
    I don't know if anyone will have experience with the home edition of NAV 2006 here.
    But here goes, I am desperate and have posted almost everywhere.
    In august $ymantec did a Live Update change from to and my notebook was in the warranty depot of toshiba for last minute work before the warranty expired.

    I just really started using it and find myself in trouble. I did a d/l of LU last week and noted 26 items for d/l and install and then checked the next update day and there were still 26 items to d/l which I again did and installed.

    I also tried again on the twelth and still the same number . My NAV said virus definitions Nov 12 2006 so it seemed that they were uptodate and yet there continually is 26 sitting there??

    I have posted at other forums and there was mention that NAV has permissions on some keys in the Registry, whatever that iso_O

    I have tried to update the LU by this Lusetup.exe which is from the Symantec site and it seems to work and then all of a sudden I get a
    Error message: to the effect....."You need to have write access to the Registry to install LU." I am the User with Administrative rights. The only user of my work notebook.
    I am off on R & R right now and can't call into the office or I will get reported to management for not following doctors orders, I am an accountant that works 12 hr days.

    Members of other forums say that the Norton Clean tool and a Reg Cleaner will not resolve the total removal as keys are imbedded in the Registry that also are Permission keyso_O
    One member said that he removed the program via the above sentence and got himself in more of a mess b/c of fragments still in the Registry.

    Does anyone have experience with this, as I am desperate and wondering if my notebook is updated correctly.

    I would appreciate all comments, thankyou.

    BTW, on this page that suggests printing, it lists out what the prerequisites are for updating:
    1. Cannot fix under 5.5. IE and I am IE 6 so I am fine there.
    2. Security settings that allow Activex Controls and Java scripto_O? Well I am a rather Noob and don't know what settings are referred to here.
    3. Windows xp, sp2 well that is what I have here.
    4. 32 mb memory or higher and i have that

    All i am uncertain about is item 2 above.

    Are there any NAV 2006 Home Edition users out there?? Any ideas to help me??

    After 2 days this is me >>>>:eek:

    Best Regards.
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