Naupoint Toolbar Trojan and my Audio

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by fprefect1, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. fprefect1

    fprefect1 Registered Member

    Aug 18, 2004
    Somehow I contracted a stubborn little trojan call Naupoint Toolbar. It is a functional toolbar for IE with buttons for search, weather, sports, etc., but hidding behind the facade is a trojan that I have found only one company with antivirus/spyware software that is guaranteed to remove it. I believe the company is BOClean. There's no problem removing it from program files, but as soon as IE is opened the next time Naupoint reinstalls.

    I thought I had everything relating to it removed from the registry, and the Naupoint folder no longer appears in program files, but it seems that every time I reboot the machine, I have no audio until I reinstall the audio drivers. It may not even be related, but it would surprise me if it wasn't. Has anyone come across this trojan and how did you completely get rid of it? :doubt:

    F. Prefect
  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest


    I have a few questions and remarks (I hope you don't mind ;) ).

    Do you actually run BOClean ?
    If so, what exactly did it tell you?
    BTW: I have in the meantime pointed Kevin (BOClean) to this thread; of course it is up to him whether he would like to reply.
    BOClean has at the moment this in its database with respect to your question:
    2294. NAUPOINT

    There are more AT's capable to detect the Naupoint Trojan.
    I pick one, TDS-3:
    TrojanDownloader.Win32.Naupoint (dll)

    Which OS are you running (ME - 98 - 2000 - NT - XP - 2003 ) ?

    Did you clean the caches?

    About which Audio drivers are you talking?
  3. Newkid

    Newkid Spyware Fighter

    Apr 29, 2004
    Hello FPerfect !

    Welcome to Wilders ! :)

    It's comming back again and again to your XP box because you're not able to removed it completely. The dll file responsible for this toolbar are : iEBINST.dll; Naupointbar.dll ; NAUPOI~*.DLL ; iEBINST2.dll.

    It may happen that these file is hidden so, How to show hidden files ?

    Go and search for these dll files, if found, remove all the instances of it.

    If problem still persist, then show us your fresh hijackthis log.

    With Thanks !
    Newkid !
  4. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Hi Fperfect1,

    In addition to what Newkid already posted:

    I have got an email from Kevin (BOClean); actually I've got his email very soon after I did send him my email but I wasn't at my computer.
    He had a little problem to log in.
    If you're user of BOClean, Kevin would be happy to help you.
    In that case, please contact him at
    He has some special tools working with BOClean to deal with it.
    Customers of BOClean can always email Kevin asking for help in those circumstances.

    Cheers, Jan.
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