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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by StevieO, Feb 1, 2006.

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    I've just installed this after find it listed on the excellent Kareldjags site. I think it might be useful in general, but especially right now for those AntiVir 7 uses who are being plagued with the notify nag screen.

    I scanned it at jottis and with BOClean and it's all clear.

    . . .

    NagScreenKiller is freeware to close up-popping Windows automatically.

    Who hasn't been annoyed about some programs displaying over and over the same screens to register, to update or to ask you the same question as thousand times before?

    NagScreenKiller can automize your actions to close such popup windows for you. It is watching the system until the defined screen appears. Then it is closing the "nag"-window.
    Condition: The window to handle must have a unique title to identify it.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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