my new experience with truprevent 2006

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by WSFuser, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    with a recent thread on truprevent, i decided to go to the panda site. low and behold, the 2006 version was available, so i downloaded the trial. to be safe, i then used ATI to image my drive. afterwards i proceeded with the install. it went much better than my experience with the 2005 version. it didnt give an errors and no complaints of nod32. then i rebooted.

    the startup of windows xp seemed a bit slow but i knew it was only cuz of truprevent. however, i then realized not all of my programs were loading into teh systray. proxomitron gave out an error of socket initiation or something so i rebooted. windows didnt reboot so i just pressed teh power button. this time windows loaded fine tho look n stop gave numerous alerts for all the panda processes and dlls.

    panda didnt break my connection, so im happy for that. i think its much improved however it wont update, i guess its a new limitation of the trial? the memory usage doesnt seem to be any less. between "working set" and "private bytes" all the panda processes combined use liek 100mb. not bad perhaps?

    status (main screen)



    tools services


    the settings and tools section have lots more items to explore, but hopefully the previous screenshots are enough

    EDIT: 30 mins after posting, truprevent decides to update. im glad but i wish it would done so when i first tried updating it.
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  2. nicM

    nicM nico-nico

    Jul 15, 2004
    What I didn't like with TP is that it seems to be nothing but Titanium 2006... without signatures! :shifty: : exactly the same processes (8 or 9), including the proxy. And in the meantime, same amount of processes, same weight on system ressources...

    Without to say that an extra 60 or 70 Mo load on system ressources and RAM (it did slow my computer to a crawl when I've tried it) may be a high price for the extra protection offered, I think they need to rethink this product, to make it something else than a "reduced" Titanium AV.

    You expect a program able to detect viruses, along to your current AV, but what you get is just a second AV :ouch:, will all of its features; it's so much illogical that you've to update it (!), only for TP to have a database of viruses it could detect, with their name.

    I was interested in this program, before I've tried it few months ago, but now I won't touch it unless they make something very different from what TP is for now :doubt: .

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