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Discussion in 'FileChecker & ID-Blaster Forum' started by Nowhere Man, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Nowhere Man

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    Mar 29, 2006
    Javacool, I like ID Blaster +Plus a lot. Thanks for making it. I am playing with it not really from a paranoid standpoint but more from just having fun fiddling with stuff, and getting an illicit feeling of 'sticking it to the man'. lol
    I have played around at programming but not very much (mostly VBA) but if I can ever help you with anything just let me know. I do think that improvements can be made to ID Blaster Plus, even though it is good right now. Here goes:

    1)ESSENTIAL- most importantly I think the program should back up the individual registry entries into a .reg file so that the user can restore his original numbers easily any time they want. This reg file should ONLY be created during the initial installation routine, or when a new entry has been placed in the list.

    2)ESSENTIAL- When you add an item to the list you have to supply a 'Value Name' like ProductID or UniqueID or whatever. The problem is that some programs, like MS Office 2000, put the product ID in a value that has no value name. In other words, the subkey address will end with something like a key named ProductID, and then the ID number will be under '(Defalut)'. We need to put into ID Blaster on the 'Value Name' line an entry like '(Default)' or 'n/a' or 'none'.
    For example, I have entered everything in for MS Office, and if I leave the 'Value Name' line empty I can click the button 'Grab Registry Value and Intelligently Format' and ID Blaster finds the value and enters in the format. So ID Blaster can find it without a value name, but then it balks at saving your entry to the .ini settings file. If I enter anything on the 'Value Name' line then ID Blaster can't find it. I even tried manually editing the default.ini file and leaving out the 'value=' line or leaving it blank, and ID Blaster then places this entry into the list of 'Incompatible' entries.
    Please make it so you can enter '(Default)' or 'n/a' or 'none' or double quotes or something so that the entry can be saved and yet have no specific value name that it looks for.

    3)NON-ESSENTIAL- Under 'Options' you can click 'Show Current Win Product ID Values'. I think this would be much better if it showed ALL ID values for all the items in your list.

    4)NON-ESSENTIAL- I think there should be a checkbox under 'General Options' that reads "Start ID Blaster with Windows Startup" or similar, and this would place a shortcut somewhere in the startup group.

    Thanks for making great programs Javacool! Keep it up, please!
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