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  1. guest

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    Occasionally when browsing the forum, some threads which have multiple pages don't get those little page number boxes which will bring us to the number of page we want when we clicked it. I don't see a pattern for this, some multiple page threads still have them while some don't. And those that don't might get it back in the next visit. o_O Here are what I've tried:
    - Browsing the forum as Guest = problem persists
    - Browsing the forum logged-in = problem persists
    - Browsing the forum via "Recent Posts" = problem persists
    - Browsing the forum via each forum sections = problem persists
    - Google Chrome: Allowed all request types in HTTPSB = problem persists
    - Google Chrome: Disabling HTTPSB (via incognito mode) = problem persists
    - Chromium: Browsing the forum with default settings = problem persists
    - Browsing the forum with QupZilla, IE11 or Cyberfox = no problem!

    If the problem is not on the forum's end, then perhaps Chrome/Chromium is the culprit. Any other Chrome/Chromium/Chromium fork users experienced this? I already have this issue for quite some months now.

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. guest

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    UPDATE: I managed to try browsing the forum with Midori before it randomly crashed, and no such problem with it as well. So this is definitely a Chrome's issue (BTW I also got page rendering issues on some other webpages).

    *glancing at my pocket watch*

    So I take it as nobody else could recreate this problem. That means I'll have to get a new web browser. Not really a big deal since I already have a name as my strongest candidate, Cyberfox is the only Gecko-based web browser I've tried that doesn't give a problem in my computer. Only thing is it feels like I'll be eating my own dirt considering how much I've been badmouthing Mozilla. :cautious: But as long as it's not 100% Mozilla... :isay:
  3. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    I could replicate it, but don't really care since clicking the title usually goes to the newest unread post which is good enough for me.
  4. guest

    guest Guest

    Each to their own indeed. :) I sometimes need to go to previous pages I've read. But thanks for the clarification nonetheless.
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