MS04-011: Korgo.F Internet Worm 1st MEDIUM RISK virus for June

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    Jul 31, 2003
    Here's a summary for the 1st MEDIUM RISK virus for June:

    MS04-011: Korgo.F Internet Worm - Medium Risk

    This self-executing worm spreads by exploiting a Microsoft Windows vulnerability:

    MS04-011 vulnerability (CAN-2003-0533)

    The worm spreads with a random filename and acts as a remote access server to allow an attacker to control the compromised system. It is a worm that attempts to propagate by exploiting the Microsoft Windows LSASS Buffer Overrun Vulnerability (BID 1010:cool: on TCP port 445. It also listens on TCP ports 113 and 3067.

    Symantec Security Response has published a removal tool to clean
    infections of W32.Korgo.F

    Ports: TCP 445, 113, 3067, and 6667. May listen on random ports as well.

    Secunia also declares Medium Risk

    The MUL
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.