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Discussion in 'MRU Blaster Forum' started by Konaguy, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. Konaguy

    Konaguy Guest

    When I am using MRU Blaster now. It cannot clean
    two Real Player MRU listings.

    Real One Player-MRU Item-Last Login Time
    Real One Player-MRU Item-Last Open File Directory

    Any suggestions to resolve this.
  2. LeRoy

    LeRoy Guest

    I have the same deal here as well.

    Just downloaded MRU Blaster and it seems to be a nice program, but I also cannot seem to get rid of ONE RealOne MRU:

    RealOne Player-MRU Item - Last Login Time

    Cannot seem to find it in the registry either.
  3. LeRoy

    LeRoy Guest

    Hope this helps, Konaguy

    The problem I was having was on a 98se box running IE 6.0 Real Player 6.0 and this worked for me.

    Just found the fix for this on another forum board here:

    You'll have to scroll down a bit to Jewel33's post or do a search (EDIT > FIND ON THIS PAGE) and put in (realone, or last realone player)

    Here you go.

    RealOne Player 2 (aka RealPlayer 6.0): Last login time (Registry change, nothing done)


    I deleted the key [glow=red,1,100]("LastLoginTime")[/glow] and all shows up with the BLUE "0" after doing another scan. rebooted, same thing, all clean now.
  4. konaguy

    konaguy Guest

    THANK YOU :) It solved my problem your suggestion
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