MPC-HC v1.6.3 released

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    Apr 5, 2004

    • New webpage (
    • Source code moved to GitHub (
    • The DirectX runtime dlls are included in the distribution packages so it’s no longer needed to install the DirectX runtime
    • MpegSplitter: support for DVD-Audio LPCM and MLP in .aob files
    • Use FFmpeg for AC3 and DTS decoding
    • If the icon library is modified in a way that can break the icons associated to the extensions handled by MPC-HC, MPC-HC will automatically try to fix the registry so that each extension is associated to the correct icon

    • Unrar is statically linked and so MPC-HC and VSFilter no longer need the unrar dll
    • The Icon Library was rewritten leading to smaller size
    • The Output Options page was redesigned for better usability
    • Ticket #625, The translation dll’s size was decreased by 2/3 (uncompressed)
    • Ticket #2227, Hide the seek bar in capture mode
    • Ticket #2276, Use the new user interface on Vista and later for the Save dialogs
    • Ticket #2342, MPC-HC will now use the Windows theme font for the Statusbar, OSD messages and a few other places on Windows Vista and newer
    • Ticket #2378, Move the “Remember last playlist” option into the Options dialog

    • Unrar to v4.20
    • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.59
    • ZenLib to v0.4.28
    • FFmpeg (git 603221e)
    • Little CMS to v2.4 (git eb67549)
    • SoundTouch to v1.7.0pre r143
    • Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian translations

    • The hand cursor wasn’t shown in the web links in Keys and WebServer options page
    • Toolbar code cleanup and background fix for Windows XP
    • The last textbox used in the Goto dialog was not remembered since r3964 and r3965
    • Always show an error message instead of crashing when the argument of a command line switch is missing
    • OggSplitter: Fix crash with some files
    • Logitech Keyboard support updated and made optional (Options -> Tweaks)
    • WebServer: various bugfixes and improvements
    • Ticket #504, Fixed rounding errors that prevented a properly centered image and caused unneeded resizing because the video size was off by one
    • Ticket #2330, Fix the radio buttons in the Logo options page
    • Ticket #2349, Recent Files: “Clear List” did not remove all files from the list
    • Ticket #2356, The “With icons” and “File(s)” options in the Formats options page were not applied if no association was previously modified
    • Ticket #2362, [DVB] Fix the Electronic Program Guide (EPG):
    • Fix the parsing of the event’s information
    • Fix the parsing of the characters’ encoding
    • Fix the display of the start and end time when DST is observed
    • Ticket #2365, The volume slider wasn’t properly redrawn in some cases
    • Ticket #2427, The command line was not parsed when using slave mode
    • Ticket #2470, API: Ensure that a 32-bit application can control MPC-HC 64-bit
    • Ticket #2493, Fix a crash when saving subtitles using the sub format
    • Numerous other bugfixes and improvements
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.