Mouse Killed my Backup

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Doug____, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Doug____

    Doug____ Registered Member

    Mar 25, 2007
    Bought Ver 10 last night and decided to give it a go.
    Made a Bootable CD. Booted my Test Computer with the CD and made a backup. Check the Backup - Ok.
    Rebooted to the operating system and installed a Program as a test.
    Shut everything down! Connected the test computer to my normal keyboard and a MSFT mouse.
    Booted to the Bootable CD and tried a restore.
    UGH 1st couple of times it would keep rebooting for no apparent reason. One time I got to the restore menu and started a restore and then it rebooted to the black screen of death.
    After some trial and error I found that if I used a USB mouse the Recovery screen was stable but now it said the backup file was corrupted!
    To make matter worse when I checked my hard disk with an old Bart Pe it said I did not have a drive C any more Just D: and E and unallocated space where C used to be.
    UGH!!! Glade I did this on my test Cpt - however it will still take a couple of hours to get it running again.:(
  2. Doug____

    Doug____ Registered Member

    Mar 25, 2007
    It appears the latest build 4942 has a bug or two!:oops:
    Look at the Vista Problems!
  3. jmk94903

    jmk94903 Registered Member

    Jul 10, 2004
    San Rafael, CA
    Are the keyboard and mouse both PS/2 and plugged directly into the Test Computer?

    I've never seen a PS/2 mouse cause reboots as you report.
    After you get the system running again, recheck the backup file. It's very unusual for a file to be corrupted by doing a restore with it.

    When you started a restore, the old C partition was deleted and a copy of the partition from the image was supposed to be written to that space. When the system crashed, nothing was written there, so it was left as unallocated space. That's normal although unfortunate when you can't complete the restore.
  4. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello Doug,

    Thank you for choosing Acronis Disk Backup Software.

    We are sorry for the delayed response.

    Please note that as jmk94903 mentioned if the restoration process was interrupted for some reason no data is restored and all the data stored on the target partition is deleted, the partition becomes unallocated.

    In order to investigate the issue with Acronis True Image Bootable CD please collect the following information:

    - Please create Windows System Information and Linux system information (sysinfo.txt) as it is described in Acronis Help Post;

    - Provide the exact vendor and model of mouse and keyboard you use;

    - If it is possible please clarify when exactly computer reboots;

    Then submit a request for technical support. Attach all the collected files and information to your request along with the step-by-step description of the actions taken before the problem appears and the link to this thread. We will investigate the problem and try to provide you with a solution.

    Thank you.
    Aleksandr Isakov
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