Migrate Easy - unable to boot XP from cloned disk

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by contractors, May 28, 2007.

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    May 28, 2007

    - 2 yr old Toshiba Satellite with original 80GB ATA drive (no known problems)
    - new Samsung 160GB ATA in a new external case and attached to Toshiba via USB 2.0


    XP Pro SP2


    To clone 80GB->160GB and then end up with only the 160GB in the laptop (the 80GB would be stored away as emergency backup only)


    I have previously tried to clone the 80GB-160GB using Ghost. The cloning process appeared to work but when I inserted the 160GB into the laptop and rebooted the system would never boot from the new disk.

    I then tried Migrate Easy and again cloned the 80GB-160GB (the cloning process is much faster, by the way) but again when I replaced the 80GB with the new 160GB I could not boot the laptop.

    I then read where your forum material which stated that if XP "sees the new drive" before or during the cloning process then that could be problematic for what I am trying to do so I did the following:

    1. Booted with original 80GB in the laptop
    2. Attached the 160GB via USB, so the XP system could "see" it
    3. Using XP Disk Administrator I deleted the partition from the 160GB drive
    4. I rebooted (so 80GB still in laptop, and the unallocated 160GB drive is still attached via USB and no drive letter is assigned to it)
    5. I ran Migrate Easy using the "auto" wizard and cloned from 80GB->160GB
    6. The cloning process completed and powered off.
    7. I removed the 80GB and placed it "on the shelf"
    8. I installed the 160GB into the laptop and reboot, but the system would not boot (no splash message, just blackness)

    According to my understanding of procedures written in this forum I should have been OK. I then reinstalled my original 80GB and rebooted, and then I used regedit to take a look at my MountedDevices entries, and they are as shown in the following snapshot:


    Note that on the above /MountedDevices list most of the entries don't represent real devices (the laptop only has a C: drive plus a D:DVD drive, and no floppy). I hesitate to make any changes to the registry, nor even am I sure that that is related to the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.