Microsoft blames Windows 7 upgrade mess on user confusion

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by ronjor, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. ronjor

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    Jul 21, 2003
  2. JohnnyDollar

    JohnnyDollar Guest

    I can understand this. I had a 64bit os installed when I downloaded the 64bit win7, so there was no problem with unpacking it. The download came in 3 parts. I did have to use vlite to make it into a bootable iso though. MS has another tool for this, but I chose vlite. I ordered the disk kit along with the order because I was afraid something like this would happen. Digital River and/or MS dropped the ball on this. They didn't give any meaningful guidance on this. Less experienced users that downloaded this without ordering the disk kit that wanted to do a clean install were screwed. They probably had to do in place upgrades because they didn't know what else to do. All of this could have been avoided if users could have just downloaded the iso and then burned it disk, that would have taken care of this whole issue.
Thread Status:
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