Microphone equalizer

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    Aug 8, 2013
    I need an equalizer capable of equalizing/mixing my Mic in real-time. Here's what I'm doing:

    - I set up my guitar + pedal, and plug them into my Mic's line;
    - I then record the output with Audacity

    The problem is, I only have this single pedal (Zoom G1), and it's audio is too "closed", if you know what I mean. If i had more pedals or even a real Amplifier I could do "open" the audio more. So, I record this "closed" audio with Audacity, then "open it up" a bit with Audacity's Equalizer effect.

    I don't want to wait till I'm finished recording to equalize the audio, I want to be able to equalize it in Real-Time. What program can I use for this?

    PS: It's license must be GPL or compatible.
    PS2: It's not a system-wide equalizer, but a Mic-Only equalizer.