Microdrive Size. Did you know?

Discussion in 'ten-forward' started by HandsOff, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    I have seen about a billion ads and articles about iPods iPod mini. they use a 4 or a 6 gigabyte "minidrive".

    The geek in me wanted to know how big is a mini drive, anyway. Guess what? They never say!

    Well, I am going to spare you the same suffering I have endured.

    5.5" - no
    3.5" - no

    1.0" - yes!

    Unbelievable! Wow! Of course i am still amazed by...never mind

    Don't have a clue about the rpm's, sorry.

    Recent Announcement by Hitatchi states that the will have a 20% smaller drive by years end with 8-10 gigabytes.

    I realize that most of you that care about this already know it, but for the rest of us, now you know!

    P.S. i guess if you use compact flash cards you already know about these, since they have hard drive compact flash cards for some time.

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