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    Jul 22, 2004
    I was looking for feedback on McAfee and the issues I present.

    1. I recently tried McAfee VirusScan v9x out. It was the version that was strictly AV... no firewall, etc. I was happy with it's detection, but not much else. IME, detection was very good, but control over the program is terrible. You have to scan the whole system or a single drive. You cannot select multiple drives. For example if you have drives C,D,E and F you have to scan all of them or only one of them! You can't make it scan just C and E for example. Is that acceptable or am I being picky? I remeber OLD McAfee 4x had this option. Why would they change it? McAfee told that it was due to customer requests.

    2. If you're scanning file(s) or a directory the interface comes up and while scanning the boot sector and memory, it appears as though it's preparing to scan the entire system. When you're just about to cancel, it starts scanning the selected files. I didn't like that.

    3. There's little to no control over how to handle a virus, etc... this thing likes to autoclean or autodelete! I'm sorry, but I want more control. What if there's a false positive or another situation where you don't want your AV to autoclean or autodelete? I would like to have a "report only" option which was an option clear back in McAfee verison 4x! Again I asked McAfee why this was and they said it was due to customer requests.

    4. Also I tried out the version that was strictly AV so why was I presented with options of McAfee firewall, Spam and Privacy products? That's their suite GUI. I didn't download a suite so I don't expect to see one. If I wanted the suite I would have downloaded it. They need to strip that junk out of their AV only product IMO.

    At the very least if 1 & 3 were fixed I would purchased this program as a backup to Kaspersky. As of now I would not recommened McAfee.
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