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    Loyal supporters – thank you for the support you have expressed to us. Here is a brief summary of the changes we have made at Leapfrog Software. This post contains some good news for existing owners of a FirstDefense-ISR(and BootBack) license.

    Over the years, our resellers’ experience with FirstDefense-ISR has been that the cost of selling and servicing the product did not relate well with the revenues they collected from sales. Although the product was very stable and feature rich, the product required substantial support/education and related costs. We considered raising the price, but decided that the revenue issues would remain problematic in that a higher price might tend to dampen demand.

    In short, FirstDefense-ISR could not hope to become a “main-stream” product without a significant price increase and a huge investment in marketing, with no guarantee of success. Instead, we have redesigned the product substantially and have changed direction in terms of our current marketing approach, which did not require the investment to main-stream the product. For this reason, we have chosen to reposition our technology in the US.

    For current licensed users, Wilders Security Forum is willing continue to host a forum for FirstDefense-ISR so that users can assist each other, and Leapfrog Software will continue to support your product as before. For those wishing to obtain a new version, we have a scaled-back build that provides the basic snapshot recovery functionality. This is the HorizonDataSys workstation product, FirstDefense-Rescue. It is available for sale at

    Our new business model has proven to be sustainable, which means that we remain a viable and healthy company.

    For all owners of the FirstDefense-ISR product, we thank you for your support, and we shall return your loyalty with continued support for the product.
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