Marine Aquarium 3.1 Released

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    Marine Aquarium 3.1 Released

    Marine Aquarium 3.1 is now available for download. The version here does not yet have an Installer - that version will be available in a few days at But in the meantime, you are welcome to use this fully-functional version. Just download it anywhere you like on your computer (I prefer putting it on the Desktop), and double-click the file to run it. This is a free upgrade for Marine Aquarium 3 users - the program will recognize your MA3 Key Code.

    The biggest change is the addition of a user interface for changing the background colors. Up to 6 sets of background colors are allowed, and you have total control over all of them. Each has a timer which controls how long that set will be displayed before fading to the next.

    There are also changes in the Clock/Calendar section, with the addition of an etched-look for both the analog and digital clocks. The user can also choose the color for the solid-font digital clock and calendar.

    Many fans have been suggesting that the user-definable logos displayed in the crystal should fade smoothly to the next, instead of an abrupt transition. This has been added to v3.1.

    Product Info: SereneScreen
    Download: Marine Aquarium 3.1

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    :thumb: Wow! That's awesome! Thanks! :thumb:
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